Trials Unicycle

I have a bedford unicycle for sale heavy duty trials frame, with a brand new KH seat and a brand new KH moment hub and crank. I have only ridden it a few times since i got the new parts. I’m just not into trials anymore. I am selling it for 350. I will place pictures on later this week. It is the black unicycle in my profile pic.
Email me at if interested

pictures?? and is it $350 canadian?

I will get pictures later this week. But yes 350 canadian

Jagster are you interested if I can get pictures up here.

yes please. I would like to have a look at it first though

Give me a couple days I have been away from home , I will have the pics up asap.

no rush :slight_smile:

What is your email I will email them to you I can’t get them onto the post

is this uni still up for sale?

Yep (i think) :slight_smile:

Yes it is and if you give me your email address I will email you the pictures.

Hey, Still for sale?

I’m i Waterdown Ont. Can you e-mail pics to