Trials unicycle, UK

Hi all. I’m after a decent trials uni in the UK, or at least parts to build one.

Currently have a KH36 and a mongrel 26er with Moments so I’m looking for similar quality hub and cranks.

My boy is balance biking and I’ve got nothing to comfortably match his speed.
I’ve found myself riding more skinnies and jumps/drops while he scoots about on the seafront so I need a smaller wheel (Also: N+1).

Bent rim, scratched frame and trashed saddle? Treat yourself to an upgrade and sell me your old one!


Saw this on eBay and thought of you :slight_smile:

I keep looking at it and I’m tempted myself now lol!

I’ve been following ebay auctions for ages. No replies here so I pull the trigger on a full price KH20 from UDC UK and this shows up! :roll_eyes:

I haven’t picked it up yet. I should return it and buy this. Should I? I should.

I’m not going to. Thanks for showing me though.
Someone’s going to get a bargain!

Indeed they are… I really shouldn’t buy it either, although the cash is just laying around…No No No! lol
Someone WILL get a bargain though

wat do

OK so a weird thing happened after I posted the last message.

I looked at the location listed under my avatar. It says ‘Location: Either Portsmouth or Glasgow’

Now I’ve got two.


I clicked the link with full intentions of buying it :frowning:

Ohhh you bought it?

I meant to mention it’s near you down south lol

Sorry dude. Were you super keen? :frowning:
My brain just did its own thing and told me I could save about £160 a month on checked baggage if I had one in each place. So I’m actually saving money ::smiley:

I’ve got a pretty much unused Nimbus Bling in the cupboard under the stairs, so this would purely have been an impulse buy lol

My Bling will be coming out to play as the weather gets nicer :wink:

Good, I’m glad I haven’t seen you off.

I just feel bad for future me having to explain this without the requisite approval from the Home Office

Nahhh you’ve saved me buying a uni I really don’t need (not yet) and now I don’t have to explain to future me why I’m skint at the end of the month (again) :smiley:

I’m glad you bought it though… I would’ve been unhappy if some unknown person had bought it (for some strange reason lol)

What kinda rides do you do on your 36er? I’m always looking to meet up with people for rides :slight_smile:

This thread shows how successful a wanted ad can be.
Well done on scooping up a bargain.

If it was still there tomorrow morning I would have snagged it for myself.

You would have been too late… He was mere moments ahead of me buying it lol!

Mostly bridleway; there’s an old railway line near me that’s good (Meon Valley, south hants). It’s about 13 miles to a good spot for a dunk in the river and a dunk in the pub! 26 miles has been my longest day on it to be honest, kids have now got in the way of longer jaunts. Maybe I’ll take it to work with me one day and go round Loch Lomond.

I often ride on the shared use paths along the seafront, Gosport Peninsula area.
I’d be really keen on rigging up some bags and doing a longer trip or a bivvy. I’ve made a frame bag for my rigid 29 (b!ke) for load carrying so boom-mounted unibags might be my next DIY project!

I’ve got very little free time for at least a year, two kids, a significant amount of time offshore coming up and I only get home some weekends, so remind me in 2018!

Well if I’m ever in the right area at the right time I’ll give you a shout :slight_smile: