Trials Unicycle - KH Trials VS KOXX Devil/White Widow/Bluebarry?

Which is better? And also is there any other better trials uni beside the few mentioned above? Thanks, will be getting myself a 20" trials soon! :slight_smile:

KH, solved in 1 post :stuck_out_tongue:

Zippy…I think he may have wanted more of an explanation…Hmm?

Alvin try [b]this[/b]. It leads to a discussion about this exact question. For future reference, you can ussually find waht your looking for if you use the search button.


LiveWire would be glad to quote you on a trials unicycle, but judging from your description as a new unicyclist, you’d be best served by a Koxx Devil or Torker DX.

dont get the white widow or the blueberry unless you want to spend alot of money on stuff you dont really need. personally I think the KH is better, but the koxx unis looks nicer.

thanks guys. u guys are really nice, being real patient to newbies like me.

i’m make more use of the search. thanks once again!

Definately get the kh.

I know a guy (president_luke on this forum) who had a koxx devil but replaced the frame with a kh one and is now looking for a kh wheelset.

I also happen to ride a kh and they are fantastic. i would ride no other.

If you are sure that you are gonna stick with the sport then definately get a better, more expensive uni because in the end you will break everything else (not so much the koxx devil but other non-splined unis).


I am going to have to say that the KH and Koxx are on par, I have a KH but the nubs on the end of the hub can be a real pain. No problem with that on the koxx because it has no nubs. I dont know which is stronger, people will say the KH but, really?


the new KH doesnt have the nubs…

yeah my kh/onza hub and 140 cranks are sweet, no nubs at all, also 1 thing different from the koxx is that the kh have Q factor, it was weird at first now i love it… i would say the kh… Do you get to choose 127s or 140s with the kh uni???

koxx is my favourite brand, however, get the KH

the KH is made better for strength but i rekon you should flip a coin.

Other than the strength of both unicycles (i believe i don’t have the ability or guts to break any of these strong unis), which saddle is better? KH or koxx?

I’m using a classic KH saddle now which i feel the cushion is too thick.

Any idea if i could swap the saddles if i don’t like them? Say if i get the koxx, i could swap KH’s saddle onto the koxx uni or a koxx saddle onto the KH uni.

I would say the Koxx saddle is slimmer and sleeker, however I’m not sure what the KH saddles are looking nowadays. The KH fusion keeps changing (so I’ve heard) so I think either one would be just fine. And you can easily swap saddles out.

actually kh does have nubs still but the q factor keeps yopu away from them, still possible to hit your ankles

i would go for koxx because they look waaaaay awesomer(im gonna get a white widow)they own in looks over kh, kh arent bad(in fact they are really good) but they keep getting too upgraded and now they look dumb and stuff, also i dont like q-factor

also i have a really easy way to get koxx, instead of going out of the country

Why would you have go out of the country to buy Koxx? Renegade juggling is getting the black widows soon just give them a shout.

The only difference between the Blue Berry and the White Widow is that the Widow has 24 Butterfly pedals and it’s £40. Get the Berry over the Widow any day and have £40 for pizza.

The KH is £70 extra on I’d get the Koxx and have £70 for upgrades or repairs or powdercoating or pizza!


Actually the White Widow also has a Kevlar on the sides of the seat, which also contributes to the price difference. The pedals are the most expensive part though.

:slight_smile: Oh my favourite types of topics

Anyway, yeah if you want strength:

Frames: Koxx Devil frames are definitely stronger, no doubt because they’re steel and pretty chunky, I’ve never heard the frame to break. The KH 2005 frame is easier to assemble onto the wheel because of its more modern bearing house caps. But, I have seen a KH trials frame break in front of my eyes (Joe Hodges), but that was from some huge riding everyday, I would still rate it highly. Both are equal, Koxx being stronger, and KH being lighter and better design bearing houses.

Crankset/Hub: Koxx being ISIS is good because its easier to fit and remove and theres no fiddly pieces like on the KH-Onza crankset, The Koxx cranks have no q-factor and they pedal pretty funny and doesn’t feel as balanced as the KH-Onza cranks. The KH Onza hub is a good design though i’ve seen one snap in front of me, nevertheless its a good design that most people won’t break. My personal fave is the Koxx cranks, but they’re more street orientated and the KH Onza are better for pure trials because they have q-factor meaning better balance. Both are equal, Koxx better for street, KHOnza better for pure trials

Seat/seatpost/clamp: The Koxx saddles are generally nice, and feel so good for SIF hops, but the bad thing is that they are stapled to the sides so can rip off easier. The KH saddles are better for the reason that they use laces to tie them down, and feel very comfy for SIF too. KH wins by this one IMO, but Koxx are very very good too

The seat post on Koxx unis are normally the fat aluminium ones which are light, but weaker, so not too good for those going big. KH seatpost is fine. KH wins on this one

The seatclamps on Koxx unis are very good looking and tighten very well. The KH seatclamps are only single-bolt and can cross-thread itself as well as not having enough tightening properties as the Koxx double-bolt clamp does. Koxx wins on this one.

Tyre: The Maxxis Creepy Crawler that comes on KH unis are OK, they pinch the easiest out of all trials tyres, and this is evident in bike trials too. They have the best grip of all and have a unique rebound/bounce property due to thin sidewalls and casing properties. Good for the smooth rider who often rides rocks. The Tryall Tyre on Koxx unis is very very good because it sheds mud easier due to its tread pattern, and is very bouncy too, it has amazing pinch-flat protection unlike the Maxxis, and has 2nd best grip of all trials tyres so far. Tryall/Koxx wins on this one because it can be a good Muni tyre as well as being the best trials tyre

Pedals: the Snafu ones on the KH are fine, the Tryall-VP ones on Koxx unis are ok too but nothing special. The 24 bikes butterfly pedals on the White Widow however are awesome for pure trials because they grip so well on walls and your feet. There’s no definite winner, just get some Odyssey Jim C pedals as the upgrade :roll_eyes:

Rim: KH rim wins by far, its the strongest rim and lighter than Tryall according to the weighing at BUC. The Tryall rim looks nicer because theres tons of colours and you can customize rim tape to get a nice effect but they’re weak as hell, but Tryall theoretically give better balance because its a wider rim, thus giving the tyre a squarer profile, meaning more balance. Anyway, KH rim wins by a long shot, its my choice rim by far and have managed to drill it into the biketrials community as well!

I think tahts about it, but I hope this helped. Overall: I’d say the Kris Holm uni wins if you’re doing pure trials. But for hardcore street i’d say deffo Koxx. The Koxx setups are far more suited for street generally. The Koxx frame has a flatter crown which is better for flatland/street tricks. Both are great, just choose: Trials or Street? :stuck_out_tongue:


A* Sponge for a concise, clear and complete comparison of both unicycles! (OOH the alliteration!!!)

I bet your wrists were hurting after that! You seem very well informed!

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The £70 price difference :roll_eyes: .


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