Trials unicycle = £300, Pink fluff = £1.99/m, Having pink fluffy rimtape = PRICELESS!

Hey guys,

The title pretty much explains it, so heres the pictures.


Iv been wanting to do this for ages but never got round to it. My girlfriend bought me some pink fluff for christmas, so I thought I would do it!

I love it!

Rockin’ in pink!

lol pink fluffy rim tape thats funny ! shame u dont have a really big drilled rim like the KH07 or tryall rim that would look even cooler!

You should do your seat

no the seat is allready kinda pink, he needs to do the frame, cause thats red not pink.

Why did she buy you pink fluff for Christmas?
Either way…pretty sweet…

now all you need is Jess Riegel’s frame.

heh exactly what i thought :roll_eyes:

and me as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, wrap some of that round ure frame/seatpost/cranks and you’d be set!

why the hell did your girlfriend buy you pink fluff for christmas???

personnaly i think it may have to do with the pink bmx he bought her…mabye

Ha Ha! My girlfriend bought me pink fluff because she knew I wanted to do it at some point, but because of work I never get a chance to go into town and buy any. Plus pink fluff is cool!

I was thinking about doing my frame, but I like my paint job too much, maybe my old frame…

Rock on!

[EDIT] Heres some pink fluff jokes:

Whats pink and fluffy?
Pink fluff!

What pink, blue and fluffy?
Pink fluff holding its breath!

What’s black and fluffy?
Pink Fluff in a dark room!

What’s pink and flat?
Pink Fluff run over by a double-decker!

Swish Edd!

I like it. The hedgehogs are rather too small however :(. Going through a mudbath with that wheel is not gonna be good for the pink fluff at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh a quick question: Are there actually flower patterns or anything similar, on the Pink Lady saddle like Koxx say there is? Just curious.

Hi mate!

I don’t plan on taking it through any mudbaths! :stuck_out_tongue: But I do wish the hedgehogs were bigger!

Nah, theres no flowers on the saddle, just the Koxx logo in that lovely pink!

Rock on!

That’s priceless^^