Trials UniCam!

I recently recieved a rather nice camera for my birthday (a few months ago but its taken me a while to work up to using all the features) and on Xmas eve I went riding in Stratford-Upon-Avon with Dave, Alex & Rupert… And decided to use the last untested feature on my camera… the external bullet camera!

A copious amount of duck/gaffa/tank tape later, and its all secured, the cam on the frame pointing down at an acute angle to the frame, and the camera in its shock case is taped under the saddle… And here’s a snippet of the footage we got!

Rolling hop to crank grab. (DIVX encoded, I need to download in Firefox to watch it, but its ok in IE)

You can see the block i’m hopping at the start of the vid when the uni is angled back for mounting, its in the middle of the staircase in the distance. My left foot (I hop Left Forward) is visible as I hop (and on each rev) and my knee (bulked up by the 661 pad) appears on the right during normal riding).

It seems the shock of the crankgrab is too much for the external camera and its causing it to turn off, cutting out the video as I land it… I’m going to experiment with a foam shock-absorber, to try and damp it down, and if I finally get it working I’ll hopefully get some on-board footage of grinds, hops, skinnys and so on, for the first time.

I’ll be filming Muni with it this coming week, so I need to see how it reacts to that, and I’ll be back in the new year with more camera angles (I’ve got some ideas at the moment, will test them this week).

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year All.


Awesome! can’t wait to see other footage with it. One suggestion though: maybe you should mount the camara a bit higher on the frame. If it’s too close down to the ground we just see things whiz by and can’t tell what’s happening. Either way, that is still an awesome idea!

Yeah, like I said I’m still testing camera angles, thats why I explained my line, and its short so you can see all the obstacles I hit in the leant-back state at the start of the clip. I’d like it to be lower (closer to the crown) and more level so you see whats in front, not underneath the uni… I’ll try some more angles tomorrow and post some stuff in the new year.


Ha that was pretty awsome! I think it would look a lot better if the camera was tilted back slightly, but so that you could still see the tire, and if you did more rolling hop kind of trials lines.

Or maybe technical muni, that would look cool.

You (the guy in the grey sweatshirt?) look just like a guy I know that unicycles in another town…

Deffinately worth looking into. It could be better if you could see a bit more of where you were going during the riding. With improvement, it’s a brilliant idea :slight_smile:

I think it would be funner if u were doing muning… but anyways it sitll owns with street/trials