trials uni

im going to sell my uni it is very strong but it has ony been used for two months im selling it because i want get a freestyle uni this uni comes with a luna tire a rounded frame so you wont hurt your knees and the seat has been upgraded with a kris holm handle it has a piranna rim and 48 spokes the wheel is very strong and it will easly take three foot drops:) oh yeah its selling for 160 canadian you pay shipping

I don’t want it but you should probably say what kind it is and is the wheel splined or cotterless?

it is a cotterless its a great learning trials

Pirahna rim? Never heard of it and a google search turns up nothing. Got any pics? Never heard of a pirahna brand. Also I can’t imagine never hearing of this if it is a 19" rim.

I’m not interested in purchasing the unicycle though. I just wanna see the rim if at all possible.

i dont realy know how to post a pic but the rim is a 19 by 2.5 inch and it is a aluminum alloy it has half inch deep triangular ridges on each side of the spokes

To post a pic go to Post Reply then scroll down to where it says Manage Attachments under the Additional Options box then click the browse button next to where it says Upload Files From Your Computer. I think the pic has to be 800x800 pixles or smaller.

ill trade for an lx ill pay shipping on the trials

that prety much says it ive used it 4 2 weeks and like trials better than freestyle there is a broken crank but i have a replacement one

any others with offers like that but you would have to pay shipping for the lx and the trials and pay me a extra fourty dollars