Trials Uni

Hi everyone,

I’ve been hunting around on this forum for details on Koxx unis but I saw they folded and hence I can’t find many details about these ones I’m looking at:

I was wondering if they were simply the Koxxs from before renamed slightly and if they are at all different from one another (they have different weights).

Is this discounted price really good? Would it be worth the $280Aud for the unicycle and postage?

Thanks very much for your help!

P.S. I haven’t done any trials riding aside from small 1 foot drops but I am very keen to do more

yeah those are renamed Koxx-ones. I think they are a good price too.

It’s interesting that they’re all the same price. They are not the same quality.

These 3 have the older Devil frame. It is steel. Trials riders back in the day complained that they dented easily.
Koxx Fluo Trials Unicycle, Yellow, 12.7cm/20-Inch
Koxx Golden Trials Unicycle, Black, 12.7cm/20-Inch
Koxx XForm 2.0 Trials Unicycle, White/Green, 12.7cm

These 2 have newer aluminum frames, which are lighter and stiffer and much more resistant to dents:
Koxx XForm 2.0 Alien Trials Unicycle
Koxx XForm 2.0 Trials Unicycle, Green, 22.86cm/20-Inch

They’re a weird mix of parts. I guess pink seat post clamps must be all they have left :slight_smile: I can’t tell what kind of tire that is either.

Try to get one with an aluminum frame if you can. It’s a good deal at that price.

Thanks aarons,

I just wanted to check because they seemed identical to everywhere else except the seat clamp (appears to be single bolt here, double everywhere else).

I like the alien backflip more anyway so that works out great :smiley:

Thanks very much!

+1 on what aarons said. The tires appear to be the cyko lite.

I think I’ll order it. Then comes the hard part…waiting for it!

Thanks for your help!

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The unis w/ that frame some had issues w/ hitting their knees on the crown, more so than on the Devil. Some have broken frames at the crown (snap off the neck or 1+ of the legs) Still I’d say way better than the Avenir.

I have seen a youtube vid where the neck snapped off. But then again, they were doing spins while jumping down high stairs. I’m nowhere near that, and with the amount of abuse those unicycles take, I’m guessing it would happen to all of them in the end?

Most frames, yes, esp aluminum (less forgiving to repeated stress). I’ve never heard of the basic Nimbus trials frame breaking. Could be that since advanced hard riders are most likely to break one, but they all go for the lightest parts they think they can get away w/ (so aluminum frames)

A well made aluminum frame, ridden hard & regularly should last ~2+ yrs, worth it IMO.

Good, because I already bought it!

replacement parts

Since Koxx is shutting down production, would it be difficult to replace the hub, for example?

How difficult to get replacement parts? Or are unicycle parts somewhat universal?


nowadays different brand parts are interchangeable. For these Koxx-one unicycles, any hub with 42mm bearings and 100mm spacing should be fine. Nimbus and KH hubs will fit. The hub it comes with is standard ISIS, so any of the ISIS cranks will fit. The seat post is also standard 27.2mm. There are lots of choices in this size.

Alien Backflip


I bought the alien backflip frame. It shipped in one week so pretty quick to Aussie. The unicycle itself I love, I have only had real cheapies before, I can really tell the difference when I ride this one. Apart from riding through some thorns accidentally and already getting a flat (doh!), I’ve had no problems.

What you see on the picture is what you get: Mine showed a predominantly green and white uni with a pink seat clamp - came with a pink seat clamp. Mine showed a single bolt, I think now they show double bolt so chances are you’ll get that.

I can tell all the parts are genuine except the tire - it doesn’t have a brand labelled on it but someone suggested it could be a cyko lite which occasionally aren’t labelled:

Try all pit fighter seatpost, magnesium pedals, double walled rim
Koxx Hub, cranks, frame, seat, seat clamp

I really cant vouch for advanced trials - I’ve heard its fine mostly until you get really advanced. I really am beginner so the most I’ve done is jump down a few stairs.

Hopefully I’ve helped, if you want more info post here so everyone can see