trials uni

so k1 unis have sold out on every website in the US that i have seen before i had the chance to order one. my next option for a cheap uni is to get a nimbus trials but i would prefer to get something a little cheaper. if anyone has a good quality trials/street/flat uni that they would like to sell for $300 or less than pls post it here.

it does not have to be in perfect condition but it should not be in very bad condition either. for very high quality i may pay a little over $300 but i do not want to go too much over that


if you really like K1 unis, Renegade Juggling is listing a Koxx One Devil (there is also Impacts unis too).

Otherwise, you might be lucky here to find a good second hand uni for less than the brand-nez price tag.

i have already seen the devil on renegadejuggling. i decided that i will not get one of them from there because from UDC i can get a nimbus trials for only $10 more with a stronger frame and upgrade to moment cranks for free when they’re on sale.

the only reason that I wanted to buy a k1 was because they were really cheap and good quality. I will buy any brand uni as long as it’s good quality and I can get it cheap

Anyone? Someone’s gotta have something to sell…or maybe trade?

There is another active thread in the Trading section selling a KH Trial.

Might be a bit more expensive than what you were looking at, but you get top of the line equipment.