trials uni

Im looking to pickup a trials unicycle and I wanted to find out if anyone had one they’d sell for less than $150. Im not too picky, however if I can’t find one in this price range I’ll just buy one of the koxx unis that are so cheap at the moment.

probably buy a koxx one :slight_smile:

Yeah, its a hard deal to resist

I have a stock koxx one white widow atm (probably soon to be changing the frame) and I have to say that I’m pretty happy with it. :slight_smile:

Well ok it’s not quite stock as it came slightly different to normal - 32hole, PFII seatpost - but nothing’s been changed since I got it.

Actually, I’m interested in other 19 or 20 inch unicycles as long as they’re isis. But the price would probably need to be lower. Not to concerned about condition, don’t mind a project.

I love my new K1 black domina, I don’t do big abuse to it yet, but it is def of quality