Trials uni


I’ve finally decided to get myself a new trials unicycle so here I am.

I’ll see what pops up here within the week then probably get something new if there’s been no response.

Ideally after a Koxx or KH or enough parts to get a good way towards building something.

Cheers ears.

I have an Onza trials uni for sale, rarely gets used these days so it may aswell go to a better home.

It has the KH saddle and onza splined hub/crankset.

It does have some scuffs as you expect from a used Trials uni but the wheel is good and true, the cranks straight and plenty of life in the tire yet.

I don’t really know what its worth these days as i’ve been out of unicycling for a year or two now. It looks like most of the splined trials uni’s on are around the £200+ mark, so i would probably say around £125?

I will get a picture up as soon as i can get my pc to recognise my camera again :roll_eyes:

For now, i will link you to the model:

Me too.

Not to take away from you BoogieJuice but I am also looking for a trials uni or some solid parts. Letting everyone with parts sitting around know there is a market, I am in the US for all you over here with parts… let me know.

and BoogieJuice if you get any good pm’s your not interested in could relay them to me if you feel motivated, no worries if not.

picture of the actual uni for sale…


I’ve bitten the bullet and gone and ordered something from UDC. I was getting restless waiting around whilst it’s been nice riding weather.

Thanks for the offers though, hope you find someone to shnap up your shtuff.