trials uni

i am ok at unicycling and i muni alot. but lately i have been going to the park and doing alot of trials-like unicycling with my muni. now i think it is time for me to buy a trials unicycle. i will be buying off of what would be a good begginer trials uni that is at a low price. thank you.

The Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH 137mm cranks. Its cheap, strong and light.

+1, i emailed them and it should be back in stock sometime in august

I agree, I love my nimbus.

well then i will probably get that. i will go to’s shippment building and look at some.

those newer DXs are ok if you need a cheaper trials.

whats wrong with this (except the seat :stuck_out_tongue: …its the US store )

its pretty good but the frame is kinda wide at the top and it could bash your knees.

I think it’s an awesome uni, true the frame is wide, but not much more than the nimbus. And you could always ask someone at UDC to swap the frames out for a nimbus/kh.