Trials Uni with Carbon Fiber seat base

I am selling off my last unicycle.

Component list

Seat - KH Fusion seat cover with Miyata seat foam
Gemcrest carbon fiber seatbase – pre-drilled to make an airseat
Handle - Very Rare Delrin Handle with wide open finger box for ambidextrous grip

Seatpost - (Miyata 22.2mm) (Also comes with unused handmade and uncut steel seatpost by George Barns (GB4) Buyer can cut to size.
Seat post collar - Primo Viking
Wheelset - KH trials (Kovachi handbuilt) wheelset for
Cranks Kris Holm Onza 140mm 4130 Chromoly Cranks (full description of KH Onza cranks here at
Frame - Onza steel frame, stripped and repainted from original black
Odyssey Jim Cielinski Pedals - Sealed & Magnesium - 9/16" trials pedals
Luna tire 2.5 (@80 % tread left)

Missing a spacer ring that fits around the crank arm through bolt.

This trials unicycle was ridden very little. Rim is straight and there’s a lot of tread still left. The pedals and frame show typical wear, but it has spent a lot of time just sitting in the garage gathering dust. No big drops. Most drops were less than 2 feet. One time, I did loan it to a 13 year old for only 10 minutes and he did crank grabs on it. That’s what caused the scratches on the cranks. Other than that the Uni never saw any hard riding.

Gallery -

Look at all photographs closely for condition. Please ask any questions before purchase.

This unicycle is being sold at auction on ebay

Shipping paid by buyer.

For any questions, post here or PM me.


For more information on Delrin Plastic look here

Injecting pics :wink:

Thanks Siddhartha for posting pix.:slight_smile:

I want to mention also that prospective buyers also look at the pictures on the ebay auction. They show profile pictures of the complete unicycle as well as the seat and Delrin handle.

I have since the original posting changed the shipping cost to reflect more acurately the buyers location. The cost range is $10.46 - $52.26 based on location in USA away from me. I am in the Los Angeles Area - zip code 91367.


This trials uni does not have a Wallace Design Death Gripper handle.

The Tuni has been sold.

I think the one pictured is the one I bought from you.