Trials Uni Weights

These aren’t 100% Official, but I think pretty close. Just thought I’d put them all on one page.

Trials weigh in:
'05 KH - 12 lbs
'05 Onza - 13.22 lbs
'05 Qu Ax - 14.44 lbs
'06 Torker DX - 14.8 lbs
Summit - 14.87 lbs

wow! if that torker weight is correct that is heavy! Heavier than my Muni

just to let u know i just weighed my bedford trials light with kh seat, alex rim, luna 20" tire and it weight 13LBS. i am gettting a kh hub and onza cranks soon, how much weight will this add if any??? PS i dont have a splined hub on it now.

what about the koxx ?

Did you weigh all those yourself, or did you get the weights from somewere else?

oh… itll be heavier. A splined hub weighs more than a non splined. A KH hub is a good light one, its the lightest out of all splined hubs!

I weighed the Onza and the Summit. I just weighed my '05 KH with Viscount saddle and Luna tire at 13.6 lbs. The first KH weight I got from UDC. The Qu Ax and the Torker I got from others on the forum.

Trials weigh in kg:
'05 KH - 5.4 kg
'05 Onza - 6.0 kg
'05 Qu Ax - 6.5 kg
'06 Torker DX - 6.7 kg
Summit - 6.75 kg

Thought this might help those who doesn´t know that much about lbs :slight_smile:

I’m Surprised the Viscount Seat and Luna tire made such a big difference. Can someone weigh a stock KH?

If your trials uni weighs a pound or two more than a KH, how much hopping height do you think you’ll lose; 1-2", maybe, if at all? :thinking: Not sure if it really makes THAT much, appreciable difference.

if you practice you shouldnt lose any height.

OMG my trials uni is sooo heavy i can barely hop tell me how do i hop or do i need a new carbun fibber seat and alumminom frame to make it light so i can hop!!!