Trials Uni w/ Kris Holm Double Crown Frame

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to sale my baby so I can get either a new 26er or 29er.
She’s completely custom, made for me by one’s sponsored riders. I’m not gonna say what I payed for it(cause it was ridiculous) but I wanna let her go for maybe 350 plus shipping or if you’re close to me we can schedule a Muni Meet - up


can we get a component break down?

^^ A component break-down would be nice; I’m interested as it is, though.

What are the benefits of a double-crown frame, and what material is it (I would assume an aluminum alloy)? I guess it’s an older design from KH - circa mid 2000s?



I was emailing this guy a bit but never got a reply when I asked for some specs. All I know is the cranks are Nimbus Venture, and the tire is Maxxis Creepy Crawler.

Give us a full component breakdown! :slight_smile:

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been able to do much but work lately. But anyways ya of course it’s the kh double crown frame, kh Onza hub, Custom pink wheelset by, creepy crawler trials tire, Nimbus venture cranks, Eastern Bike Pedals, kh forged seat post, kh free ride saddle any other question feel free to PM me!

What’s the total weight?