Trials Uni Upggrade q's

whats the top 3 best upgrades i can buy for a Nimbus ISIS Trials 20"?

ATM its unmodified.

KH Moments or Onza Tensile ISIS cranks, CF Base mybe a KH frame.

Ride it until something breaks.

Why upgrade unnecessarily?

Until your unicycling skill level surpasses the limits of the product, it’s good enough for you.

1.Onza tensiles
2.Cf base
3.EB Carbon frame

i wonder how much that would cost??? lol

just keep everything until it breaks

i would upgrade the cranks to kh moments or the tensiles. it depends on what kind of riding you do.

-Moments or tensiles when you bend your cranks
-CF base when your existing one snaps

  • KH frame when you think you are good enough for it to make a big dif. in your hopping height.

Don’t go spending heaps of money on stuff if you are not going to be able to get the most out of. A good way to judge what upgrades you need is to look at how much equipment you kill- just replace what is not holding up to your riding with something better when it happens.


i would not ever upgrade the frame unless it breaks; especially to a kh for $200 … it does not effect your hopping height very much at all.

CF base and cranks are reasonable upgrades

i dont know if you have shin guards cause they’ll protect you unicycle from all the blood dispersed from your shins…, those nasty pedal critters:D

The problem with this is that sometimes you do not have a uni for until you can replace the parts. i know this from expierence.;):slight_smile:

Yah I do not think losing that much weight would affect your hopping height very much at all.

yea i got a pair of them lol. unispins convinced me to get some.

1:Cranks to KH moments or Tensils
2:CF base
3:You decied what else you need/want