Trials uni tire and rim weight sheet.


Well i was bored and thought this might be useful to some of you folks. Just a list of all the mod rims and mod tire weights(rear). However i couldnt find the weights for the Zhi and V!z rims, or the luna tire.

All listed from heaviest to lightest.

Rear Mod Rims

Arrow Racing - 19.36 oz
Echo '07 - 18.69 oz
Revell - 18.55 oz
Kris Holm - 18.41 oz
Onza Ronnie - 18.34 oz
Onza Hog - 17.91 oz
Try-all - 17.60 oz
Echo '06 - 16.79 oz
Monty- 15.73 oz
Monty 221 TI - 15.06 oz

Rear Mod Tires
Echo Supa Trial rear - 40.31 oz
Tryall Stiky rear - 39.25 oz
Monty Eagle Claw rear - 38.80 oz
Maxxis Creepy Crawler rear - 36.75 oz

I assume that’s for the drilled 07 kh rim, right?

Yes sir, Infact all of those rims are drilled 'cept for the original monty and arrow.

is that titanium?

No, If you made a rim out of titanium bad things would happen. Its from the Monty 221 TI bike. Which has some titanium components on it.

What kind of bad things? I don’t see why a titanium rim would be bad?

I think titanium flexes a bit. idk though.

ud snap alot of spokes and nipples on a Ti rim.


what if you had eyelits?

I dont know much about titanium, so anyone here with any real knowlage, correct me. But my understanding would be if you made two identical rims, same weight, one aluminum one titanium the titanium one however would have a higher tensile strength, it wouldnt be as stiff as the aluminum, so you would get a lot of flex causing nipples to loosen, spokes to break, maybe bending in the hub flanges. however i may be wrong.

That’s scary.

I assume it would be pretty hard to flat spot a titanium rim though.

if you remember FLEXON frames, for eyeglasses, those are PURE titanium

titanium is EXTREMELY flexible
if it is the right alloy it is stiff
if you break it, well its sharper than anything you want to touch.

thats my knowledge
ohh and it is very good w/ weather/exposure to elements

yeah, impossible

if you had titanium spokes would the spokes flex with the rim a little bit and thus not break?

What if I built a unicycle frame out of titanium? Do you think that would be a bad idea? I plan on building a frame for a Large Marge and Endomorph combo possibly… Titanium sounds bad though.

Yes, I will be able to weld it, I will be learning to weld aluminum, stainless, and titanium at my welding school this semester.

Dan Heaton has had Ti frames…I think he has one on his muni now and he had one on his trials uni that he rode in U2 I think then Zack Baldwin got it and rode it in Defect and now Isaac LeMasters has it.

Oh and I am pretty sure Miyata sells freestyle unis with Ti frames.

Sexy, if I can afford it, I’ll make a titanium frame.

Welding titanium requires quite a rage of specialized tools, even more so than to weld steel or aluminum, And certainly more skill. Your best bet would be to find some titanium tubing for your legs and seat tube, and rig up a crown to secure them together out of a material you can better deal with than titanium.

A good source for general information on steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber, check out this page on Here. On a side note, titanium costs a f*ck load.

You left out the Alex DX 32 and the Nimbus.
Good list though.
EDIT: the Luna’s not there either.

I couldnt find the lunas weight, basicly no one uses it in the bike trials community.

Alex 19" - 17.98 oz