Trials Uni Q's

How much should a good trials unicycle weigh?

What tyre is better: MEC or Try-all?

does body height have anything to do with trials?

I’d say that a trials unicycle should weigh as little as possible.

You have to tuck more if you’re low, but there’s more body to move around when you’re tall. I think tall is best. :slight_smile:

i would say to take you faveret unicycle caus you will be uesed to it. :slight_smile:

well im 180cm tall so i think that could be an advantage.

my uni weighs just under 5kg.

which tyre?

I don’t know whether you should go for a MEC or a Tryall, since I haven’t had a MEC yet. But I think I have heard that the MECs should be like a CC with thicker sidewalls. I like the CC more than the Tryall, because the Tryall is more round, so it is worse for skinnieriding (at least for me). I’d say go with the MEC, but since I haven’t tried it much, I might as well be completely wrong. :slight_smile:

I would go for the MEC over the Try-all for the same reason. I’m riding a try-all now, it’s a great tire but I dont like it’s “roundness”. Next tire I’m getting is a MEC, if I dont like it I’m going back to Luna:p

KH trials is approx. 11.5 lbs. The nimbus Ti is as light as 10 lbs, depending on the wheel build. The tanker…er…torker trials weighs in at a hefty 13.5 lbs. :slight_smile:

Most Trials unis are around 12lbs, last time I weight mine it was 10.8lbs(with only 1 pedal):smiley:

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Is this the new 2010 version? Because my old DX (modded a bit making it a bit heavier than stock) weighed in between 14.5 and 15 pounds making me doubt the stock version could be a whole pound or 1.5 pounds lighter!