Trials Uni Parts or Full Uni

I’m just getting into trials, but I need a better uni. I am looking for a good fully built trials uni, or even half built for that matter. Needs to be strong and not too costly, I see ones on here for $900, but I can’t afford that. Top money spent would be around $350, I want something that will last, unlike my current uni. 19 or 20 in. wheel, isis hub, solid frame, strong cranks not too bashed up, pedals, seatpost, good trials seat are all parts I am looking for.

If you have anything that may be of interest to me either pm me or post it here with a price. I am in colorado so also consider shipping please.

Thanks for looking

Check this one out at UDC for $310. If you don’t like the color they have a bunch of different colors available.

Not to get your hopes up! I don’t have one for sale, but, I found my KH20" on these forums for $250-$300. Not sure exactly.

Not to talk down like you’re lacking in the attention department, but make sure when you’re looking at the price, it’s in dollars and not another form of currency.

I’ll keep an eye out for you, but i’d defiantly suggest you shop around for older (only by a couple years) KH 20" Frames. Even if they need a new paint job or something, it will be completely worth it in the end.

I shall post up or PM if I see anything decent around.
Good luck in your hunt!

Thanks Riot,

I didn’t login yesterday and musta missed the KH20, and yes. I am interested mostly in finding recent years uni parts. I can/will easily paint them or fix them I just really don’t even know how much money I want to put into this thing. It’s kinda insane to be spending over 300 American Dollars (lol) on a unicycle. I’m still looking for cheaper, do you know of anywhere likely to have parts like what I am looking for other than here?

And those nimbus are sweet, but again the $ is the main issue…

I have a couple odds and ends I could sell but buying something complete will almost for-sure be cheeper than piecing one together (I know, I have pieced a few unicycles together)

If you are serious about looking for used parts for a trials unicycle other than here you could check various trials bike forums and sites for rims and tires. If you go this route you should be aware that most bike trials riders use 32 hole rims so you would have to get a 48 hole hub (confusing I know but it works better than a 36 and 32 hole unicycle hubs are quite uncommon).

For cranks you can check BMX sites as they are the only ones that use cranks as short as we do. You will probably want something between 130 and 140mm in length with ISIS or Profile spline interface.

You go through all that effort of finding stuff from other places and chances are you won’t save any money since you would end up having to buy some new parts at full price to complete the build anyway.

My advice is to wait until there is a used trials unicycle for sale here. Some brands to watch for would be Nimbus, Qu-Ax, and older Koxx Ones and KH unicycles.

If you see a deal that you are not sure about don’t be afraid to ask around. We are mostly friendly here.