Trials Uni for Sale (SWAT member, profile, arrow racing, etc)

Hey guys, strapped for cash right now so I’m selling my uni. Here’s what it is:

*Yuni trials frame powdercoated black
*Profile hub and cranks (cranks are black, 145mm i believe)
*Arrow Racing 19" Rim
*Primo super tenderizer pedals (sealed, black)
* seat and seatpost
*Marwi Spokes (black)
*Primo (?) seatpost clamp (gold)
*Maxxis Creepy Crawler Tire (pretty good tread)

I’m asking $500 shipped because UDC is asking like $500 for that exact wheelset alone plus shipping, and its a used uni. It has quite a few stickers on it, and it is signed by the band members of CKY. If anyone is interested I’ll put up pictures.

pics please. may have a team member that’s interested.

Wow nice uni.

Ok I’ll post pics tonight when I get home from school

Ok, my last class was cancelled so here are the pics early. It isn’t mint or anything, but the wheelset is solid as hell.








Dude I sent a pm about riders in pa where I reside.

Still available, I guess the other guy isn’t interested.

Wow that might be one of the last Arrow trials rim in existence. I know of one other rider that at least had one a couple months ago, but thats pretty awesome.

i want one
that is an uber sexy rim

i don’t know about the price though, it looks pretty well abused.

don’t get me wrong
this is one EXTREMELY beasty unicycle.

Yea we used to be sponsored by Arrow Racing.

If you don’t think the price is fair make an offer, its still available. Keep in mind I built this for around $800 (with a SW carbon fiber seat setup that I sold a while back). UDC used to sell that wheelset for $500 and the powdercoated Yuni frame for $100, so to get an entire uni that is really solid for less than the price of the wheel seems like a good deal to me. Plus Arrow Racing hasn’t made a 19" trials rim in over 3 years.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t think you’ll sell this so long as it stays in the condition its in now. Clean it up man, no one wants to buy a beat-up looking uni. Even if its not really beat up, it sure looks like it. Who knows, maybe somone who can actually see the good quality in this uni will scoop it up.

It looks like it would have some sort of value, seeing how its been signed by people I assume you like. So why don’t you just keep it?

Btw, you can EASILY get a uni solid ass uni for under what your asking for. Easily.

Like I said, make an offer if you don’t think the price is fair. I’m trying to sell it because I need money to pay for school, that’s why I can’t keep it. I haven’t ridden this thing in about a year, so I figured it would be a good thing to let go.

Its used, I thought that was understood. I think $500 shipped is a fair price, but so far no one has made an offer. Not to be a dick or anything, but I’m not interested in the opinions of people who aren’t going to make me an offer.

Price Drop- 450 shipped or best offer

Where in Pa? I’d Lke to see it.

Zip code is 19070, 10 minutes outside Philadelphia.

bump, still available. Make me an offer.

Make an offer, other guy never said anything

how much does it weigh?

Well, they’re profiles and primopro pedals so its not ridiculously light, probably about the same weight as the older KH (not the 07, I think like 04 or 05 or something, the one with the steel frame).

$400 obo