Trials uni for around £250

hi there,

i am looking for a trials unicycle, after trying to hop around with my dodger and breaking it.

i would like to do some serious trials riding with the unicycle

i had the Nimbus Trials 19" ISIS in mind, but i was wondering if it is worth paying extra for a Koxx Gold devil 20 trials, or paying even more for a Kris Holm 20" trials, or a Koxx Orange bud trials


i got the nimbus isis trial for about one year now and i think it´s very good for its price.

but if you like to pay more you should get a kh.

also look at this

looks also pretty nice=> :roll_eyes:

on you can get a kh07 trials uni for £249.99

you had a dodger? Same! yep I know there not that great…

Will the KH be good for things like jumping onto crates. And will it be able to take 6ft drops?

or will the Koxx Orange bud be better

thanks so far

at that price, get that.

The nimbus trials with kh cranks is superb value.

The k1 devil is lighter, but has a weaker rim (but slightly wider), and apart from that is pretty much the same uni, maybe 200grams lighter

the kh07 has a nicer seat, nicer aluminium frame, same rim as the K1 (pretty much), but is actually lighter than the k1, probably by 2-300 grams

THe orange bud is overpriced, is basically a nimbus trials, with weaker cranks, a very nice undrilled bombproof rim like on the nimbus but a little wider. Some
have the stronger pit fighter seatposts, whuch is nice but overpriced, others dont.

cheers, just ordered that, it should come in like a few days. I cant wait.

well, its arrived, needed to squash the frame for a second or two as i did the bearing housings on one side. how tight do i need these screws on the bearing housings. at the moment, if i gove the wheel a good spin, it does about 12revs, is that about right