trials uni 16 or 20in?

im a beginner-ish, wanting to do trials and freestyle stuff. i have a sun uni, which has worked fine, but from what i hear, its not gonna be what i want if i get into this. so i thought i would get a nimbus 16in trials or 20in trials. i want the 20 but the price is a bit much, im 15… so income aint huge. Im 5 feet 5 inches about so will i be unhappy if i get th 16 inch?


16" is for little kids. You need a 20" trials for sure. Save up if you have to, a 16" is a bad idea.

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ok, i thought it would be way too small but i am just on a tight budget… thanks for the help.

Check the trading post here. You can usually find some pretty good deals.

Especially from you Sam.

No to 16". I have one and I’m tiny and the pedals are really tiny! Unless youre something like 4’ or so.

definato with the 20"

20". For sure. it’s faster, and not a little kid’s uni.

You should go for a 20". But I also have a custom ISIS nimbus trials 16" and its really fun to ride! It’s great for learning new tricks on and not just a little kids uni, i rekon. I’m 5 8" ish.