trials tyres

i see that the Monty tyre isnt available on anymore or at a couple other places. is it no longer the “best”

what is the “best”?

Maxxis? Luna?

any others out there?

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try-all tyre

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Over the seas it is. I tryed to get one here and it all cost lots… or was that the sticky fingers… oh well creepy crawler is great. Its got more bounce and sticks better then the luna. I never tryed the try-all though so I cant say who is better there.

so what happened to the Monty tyre? is it still around?

i liked the tread pattern on those.

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No. Well not in my opinion anyway. I tried one, and was quite impressed by its grip on most surfaces, but it’s sidewalls are just too thin. I can’t think of any unicycling application that it would be more appropriate for than others since there is always a lot of sideways force involved and it folds too easily.

It is cheap and grippy though.


There are also echo mod tires. I have no experience with them, id just like to point out that they exist. :slight_smile:

Don’t bother, they are too light-duty.

try-all, i have to agree

Monty are bringing out a new tire a 19x2.7" see this thread


I’m not sure if thats actually a new monty tire. Nobody I have spoken to in the trials community knows anything about a new monty tire. Also it looks the same. If you measure the old Monty’s, they were about 2.7’’ wide, same with Luna’s. So it’s probably the same old Monty tire, just made with 2.7 printed on them instead of 2.5.

thanx, ive never seen that one.

good to know. Is that meaning they wear out too quickly or the side walls are too thin and you get tire flop? or yet something else?

I have one on my bike. It is built to be a light tire and because of it suffers from weak bounce due to thin sidewalls.

is the rear 2.5 size? if so…sell it to me!