trials tyre? pink gusset

will that tyre fit onto a kh freeride 19" trials rim? I know its only 2.1 and a trials tyre is 2.5 but would it work? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a 20" tire not a 19" it’s made for freestyle I think… I do not think it would work…

No, it wont fit. A trials rim is actually 19" and only trials tires fit.

are there any nice rounded trials tyres? instead of the traditional square type ones

dude, if u want a round tyre get a street tyre like a maxxis hookworm or something!!

Trials tyres arent round and flat because they r made for gripping small surfaces and surfaces that need maximum hold, you would fall off and slip all over the place with a round flat tyre!!

Trials tyres are made bulky, so if ur looking for a round trials tyre u most likely wont find it, becoz u r looking under the wrong heading! look under street or something

that gusset pink tyre says its grippy, meaning grippy on flat surfaces for freestyle, if you looked harder into it, it would tell u that it is not recommended for trials.

well whats a good rounded 2.5 street tyre?

check on and UDC, they have a good selection, but i know that the Maxxis Hookworm is good for street, but not sure what size it comes in :thinking: ull have to look it up!!

The maxxis hookworm is still a 20" tire. You aren’t going to find a super slick trials tire if thats what you are looking for. I know some trials tires are alot rounder than others but I am not sure which those are. If you wan’t a round slick tire then get a 20" bmx rim and put a hookworm or twenty g on it. The twenty g is awesome because it is fat like a trials tire but it fits 20" rims and is really slick. But you probably don’t want to rebuild your uni for a new tire…

If your looking for a round trials tire get the Koxx trials tire.

come to think of it, the try all trials tyre is roundish lol, it could work as a street tyre i think, correct me if i am rong

whats wrong with just unig a trials tire for street? anyways you could just get a luna or sumthing and trim the nubs off. that should work and if it doesnt well then i have no idea unless you kno someone who manufactures tires to get them to mold a custom one for you.