Trials Tyre Identification

The purpose of this thread is to identify a trials tyre.

I purchased a 2nd hand nimbus trials the other day, planning to upgrade it to a splined crankset.

I have taken it on a few easy trials rides and i have noticed that the tyre behaves really badly on any cambered surface and tries to turn and head down (perpindicular to) the camber. It would also want to keep turning when i tried to come out of a corner.
Anyone else had this problem?

I am a decent rider (not a learner at all) and have other unicycles. None of them behave in this manner. Also some of my friends have qu-ax and onza trials unicycles (maxis cc and luna trials tyres) none of which behave like this.

The reason i am posting this thread is because i dont know what the tyre is.
It says: “bike trials 20x2.5”
Thats all it says.

More information about the unicycle:
It is a fully stock nimbus trials.
Has a nimbus 2 frame (wider style)
Metal caps on top of frame, rather than plastic.
Qu-ax aluminium cranks.
Starndard (not fusion) KH saddle.

If anyone is able to use this information to identify the type of tyre, it would be greatyl appreciated!



i think it’s a Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20x2.50" trials tyre.

but i might be wrong.

it is the maxxis ,I have the same uni

I think its a luna. Lunas say Bike trials 20x2.5 on them. If it were a creepy crawler it would say creepy crawler.

Is it a new uni?
I think the older ones may be different.

I don’t think it’s a Maxis creepy crawler as one of my friends has one and i have compaired them.

I don’t think it’s a luna because one of my friends have one of them too and they look different.

Did UDC or nimbus ever make a trials tyre for the older nimbus trials uni’s?

It’s probably about a year old.

Thanks for the replies by the way!

How many different levels of tire pressure did you experiment with? A change in pressure might clear the creepiness right up…

I vote monty. monty tires say “bike trials 20x2.5” on the sidewall and dont have a monty logo. you may also find “elite” written on it.

I think what you are feeling is the tire folding. put more air in it.

edit: john beat me to it

I’ll write exactly what it say’s.

“bike trials 20x2.50 (67-387)”

I’ve studied the tyre and cant find any more writing.
It is a trials style tyre (19").

I have ridden it with high pressure because i wanted it hard to practice freestyle tricks like spinning.
I have also ridden it with softer pressure for doing rock trials.
Problem still occurs.

I’ll do some experimenting with tyre pressure tomorrow.

onetrack: do monty also make a 2.50? I thought they only made a 2.70. Learn something everyday!

It is the stock tyre that came with the unicycle so i’m gonna give my local NZ an email.

Thanks for the replies.


is that it? it says the rear is 19" 67-387

Na, mine has a different tread pattern.

I’d post a photo, but i dont have a camera at the mo.


that one?

It’s hard to be sure because the photo doesn’t show the tread pattern very well, but i think you might be right.

There are a few parts that i can make out in the photo which match my tyre such as the first and scond row of knobles dont match up, and the pin stripe which goes around the tyre.

I wonder how Dan Heaton finds the outwards pulling nature of it.
Guess he wouldn’t use it if he didn’t like it.

Thanks heeps :smiley:

dan rides with insanely low pressure, his tire folds like none other, and rims out on pretty much any hop. Also, it makes his uni hard to ride, the tire seems to take you where it wants to go.

how low? I ride my trials at 6 psi:p :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: :sunglasses: :astonished:

… urmmm thats daft

I way 80 pounds w/ shoes on though. if I have it any lower than 6 I bottom out left and right, so I usually keep it around 6 to the higher 7’s.

Hmm, I heard for every ten pounds, thats one psi, but thats for muni, but it could stil work for you, so have you tried at 8? maybe 10?

At least if you get a flat you won’t need a pump. You could just blow it up again.

lol, I’ve tried 8 and 10. 10 alot too hard for me, at 8 I can manage, but I have to do giant prehops onto everything. 6 to 7 is usually good. 6 if I’m jumping and 7 if I’m doing big drops.