Trials Tubes

On all trials unis they have those weird size 19" tires. Is there a special tube used as well, or is it just a regular 20 inch tube? All I see on udc is 18x1.75 and 20x1.75. My current tube has a slow leak, so im just wondering, will a 20" tube from wall mart or target work?

you can get specific tubes, or just use a 20" tube (that’s what i did, its just a cheapo from walmart, just inflate it slowly the first time)
also, you can probably just patch your tube. inflate it, fill the sink up w/ water and add a few drops of soap. then look for bubbles, that will tell you where the leak is. make sure you mark the spot where the hole is and dry it off good then follow the directions on the patch kit.

thank you for the quick reply. Yeah, I probably will patch it. I’m going to get one from wal mart as well but I think they only have the 20x1.75 tubes…either that tube or the patched tube will have to hold until i get the 20x2.125 from udc.