trials training

what should i do to practise my trials riding. like what should i learn to do first before moving on to bigger and harder stuff

What can you do now?

Anyways, riding on skinnies, jumping on skinnies, pedal grabs, and pedalgrabs onto skinnies/poles are good to do. =p

Jerrick makes some good examples.
Make some skinnies, sandwichboards and other stuff.
Make sure you have some pallets to.


Also, for training, a good thing to do is to get a friend with you who rides, or just a good friend, and a stop watch.

Go to a lace with good lines, or if you have pallets, make up a course and pick out lines to do on it. Have your friend time you with the stop watch, then you time him doing the same line. Kinda have a time trials competition, each time making the line smoother and quicker. =p

That’s always fun, and it helps with control and corrective hops.

i only can do small hops and simple stuff like that i started doing trials about a week or so ago


I would practice on stairs, just to get control down.

Jump up one stair, down one stair, jump up one stair, and up another, then down one, then up another two.

Pretty much just get all the basics down, then once you feel comfortable, start trying new lines, jumping on higher things, and using smaller objects to jump on.

I found being able to ride backwards somewhat builds confidence when jumping.

I don’t know how to explain it… but I feel much more confident being able to ride 15 or so feet backwards… doesn’t really relate to trials…

I’d say the best way to train for trials is to ride. Umm, cross train, with other sports as well, maybe a little bit of weight lifting, but mostly just ride. RRRIIIIDDDEEE!!!

On a slightly more useful note, making videos helps push my limits, but i think you need to find what works for you.


I’m a ways from doing trials (road down my first set of stairs today), but I’ve noticed the biggest improvement by strength training is getting my core muscles stronger. Increasing the endurance in my legs helped me to ride challenging terrain longer and more confidence (and less burning) riding standing up.

I have a thirty minute ab/oblique/lower back routine that I do every other day. I empasize lower abs, hip flexors, and obliques.
Edit: I think strength training shouldn’t exceed 20 or 25% of total riding/traing time any more than that I doubt would be of any benefit. I ride 2+ hours every day and strength train about 3 hours a week total
Here’s how I think the various muscle groups would help trials:
Hip flexors and lower abs: forward hoping, high jumping, better control, safer UPD’s
Obliques: better control, side hopping, safer UPD’s

Even though I can’t hop yet I’ve noticed big benefits in strengthening my core.

Time ran out to edit
I do 2-3 hours of strength training and ballance exercises a week

Ryan, about how many hours a week do you ride?

thanks there al very good tips ill try some out after i finish school today if the weathers ok

Goodluck man. =p

Like Ryan said, just ride, and keep trying new stuff. Push yourself and commit to your line.:smiley:

Also practice riding SIF(Seat in Front) it builds ballance and the ability to hop SIF can give you huge increases in hieght. Stillstands are also good for balance. But like Ryan(awsome Trials rider) said just go ride…You can get better if you spend all your time here asking us what to do.

Godd Luck and Happy Trails.

hay i just got in from school and getting some food and drink then im heading out to find some places to practise

Lucky, I am just leaving to school. Ill be there for an hour, then im unicycling all day. so school from 8am - 9am, unicycle from 9-am to 9pm. =p

I dont have school today but the ground is snow covered and im a wuss when it comes to the cold.

its almost sunny were i am

Hmmm, indeed it is well known that core strength is related to balance and yes it is known that there are muscle groups that you can train to improve balance but I’m unsure how hip flexors would increase height of jumps. I believe that the biggest benefit from training the said muscle groups would be flexibility. By stretching the muscles in the lower back and abdominals along with the legs would help increase jump height as well as balance for tech moves. Be careful when increasing muscle mass, the whole point is to lift ones body weight, my increasing muscle mass you will therefore increase your weight, perhaps it is best to stay lean and flexible.


i just came back and was practising jumping down 3 step and up them this is the first time ive done this because i have only just found these stairs and didnt practise long

o yer why dont you have your unicycle amanda.gallacher