Trials Tires

i have a Maxxis Creepy Crawler right now but am looking to get a new tire. What are some different options and what tires are highly recommended??

I like the tryall “sticky” more than the creepy crawler… it has thicker sidewall, so you have less fold-over at lower pressures.

Luna. if you do a lot of natural trials and don’t want a CC probably go with a tryall. if you ride urban go with a luna though

monty eagle claw.

I second the Luna. Last much longer, and rolls smoother for street/urban riding.

i like my try all sticky for street…it feels real good…
i had the maxxis…i prefer it for trials much more…

where can you buy the luna tire?

bedford, and i think germany UDC

Bedford is the only place I know of that still has the luna.

ah you beat me by a couple seconds.

If you don’t need it right away you could ask your LBS to order one in their next shipment to save yourself money on shipping, and if you know the owner you might even get it for cost. :slight_smile:

Norco Dealerships should be able to get the Luna, they don’t know it as the luna tire though, ask for a replacement tire that comes on the Norco M-uni unicycle. Last I checked it would cost me 25 bucks from the local rip off shop which is a damn good deal.

Does anyone know anything about the Monty 2.7" tire?

I’m thinking about buying one for when my CC wears out but it’s an extra $20 plus whatever postage from Queensland is.

MONTY EAGLE CLAW, best tire ever. Tim Williamson,
Best price, best service!!! nuff said!

About how much pressure do you run that at? I’m just wondering, becasue I don’t seem to get any bounce out of mine at anything higher than 20 psi. Of course, I only weigh like 115 lbs.

i weigh about 118 and get good bounce out of it without having to running at even 30psi…im not sure wat i run it at but im sure its not lower than 30psi…

I weigh about 125-135. Ive ran the tire as low as 19, pretty good results. Had to be kinda carefull on how to land. That is way lower than i keep it at tho. I ride mostly street an urban type trials. I stay around 22-29 works good for me