Trials tires

Ok, I’m making a Christmas list and I would like to get a tire. I have a CC now and I’m wondering about the Montys, Lunas etc. What are my options here in the states?
I cant find any pics of the Lunas. Do they have a website?
I ride a lot (about an hour each day) so I need something that will last. My riding pref. is street.

this is a pic of the luna. i havent rode it but im getting it on my next trials uni.
ive heard a lot of good things about it

Luna Trials Tyre.jpg

Yeah, I’ve seen that pic already.
What’s the tread look like?

well its pretty basic, basically small squares… I rode a luna for about an hour, and its nice, although i prefer my try-all tyre.

its supposed to be the best street tyre so i guess good choice! I mean its a hard compound tyre, so it wont wear down as much thats for sure.

The tread looks almost identical to the Creepy Crawler, it is a much harder compound which wears away much slower, however it also does not grip as well as the creepy crawler so can slide around more on steep angled surfaces when you try and hop up them sideways. It also has thicker side walls so you can run it on slightly less pressure without it folding, but this makes it a bit more heavy.

I believe the Luna is actualy made by Maxxis (but this is just a rumor I heard), they do not have a website, nor are they listed as being a product of any particular company, basically the closest thing to a website you can find for them (at least in my experience), is wherever they are sold.

I ride street aswell as trials, both on my luna. For street I love it, I can run it at just the right pressure and I just love the feel of it, but I find the maxxis to be either too hard or too soft for my preferences. For trials I love the bouncyness, but I really wish it had more grip. Of course those are all opinions, and when looking at things like bouncyness, you need to take into consideration weight, and conditions (weather, what you are riding on, etc.)

Hopefully that answers your questions, if you have anymore, let me know if I can help.

yeha thats wot impressed me with my try-all tyre today, it was raining quite alot, but i just got my uni, so i had to ride it, but it gripped really well even with the really quite wet concrete. I didnt even slip when i went on wet grass/mud…

I have the Luna. Its good for street because it is very stable and doesnt wear down as fast as the CC or Try all. It isnt as good for trials as the CC because it isnt as bouncy but i use it for trials anyway and it works fine. Ive had mine for several months now riding at around 13 psi and havent had to rotate my tire yet, although i should soon.

The luna sounds really good but where do I get 'em? UDC doesn’t have them and I Froogled it and got nothing

Darren has them.