Trials Tires

This thread is not a review but I thought this is the best place for it anyway. I wanted to know more about trials tires. So far, the only two I know of are the Monty and Luna. From what I hear, they are very similar. I have a Luna on my Summit trials, but it’s getting worn down. I was wondering what other trials tires are available. I would prefer having a slick tire.


I’m not quite sure what you mean by a slick tire but their is the onza sticky finger tire on It has sticky stuff about 1 inch wide going around the tire. It looks awesome.

The soft sticky center section of tread just means that area of the tread is going to wear down faster. Unless you’re doing trials on things where you need the extra sticky tread, the tyre is a waste. A regular trials tire like the Monty will last longer and the tread on the Monty is plenty sticky enough for almost everyone. If you’re pushing the envelope and loosing traction on your trials obstacles then maybe the Onza Sticky Fingers tyre will help. Just don’t expect the Sticky Fingers tyre to last as long as a Monty.

and like-wise,dont expect the Monty to last as long as a Luna.

Yes, it is good to remember that the Luna has a harder rubber compound than the Monty tire. That is something that I had forgotten.

It would be nice if there was some place that had the durometer numbers (a measure of rubber hardness) for the various trials tires.

there is another trials tyre out there, which i don’t believe any unicyclist has tried yet. it’s the echo supa mod rear bike trials tyre. i have found one place that supplies them in the uk so the next tyre i get for my trials uni will be that. apparently it is lighter and as strong as the monty(side walls are of same strength) so that sounds good.

it should be easier to get hold of them in america as Echo bikes is American i think.


you can get echo trials tires at

there are a couple more at this site too.

just make sure it says mod tire, unless you do trials on a 26" uni…


Also with trials tires, how often do you think you should rotate them, or should you rotate them…I notice after many a hops/jumps/drops. The area that flexes the most (the part that touches the ground and gives in and bounces out) has a sort of white kind of dust sort of thing from the rubber flexing so much? This is on my 20’’ summit trials. Does this happen to every tyre and will it wear it down, if so how often should i rotate it…and hsould i rotate the inner-tube as well.

I rotate my tire when the tread gets worn down a lot. Also, you can’t really rotate the innertube because of the valve stem, but you can rotate the cranks. You could just rotate the cranks and it would be like you rotated the tire.


ah yes, i could, but rotating the cranks sounds like a difficult task that a guy with my knowledge could not safely attempt