Trials Tire

Sorry, i know this should probably be in the trials discussion thread.
I am looking at a Creepy Crawler to replace my Luna…
On a website i am going to purchase off it gives me the following options:
Rear Specific 20X2.5
Monty Rear Specific 19X2.5 - 42a Dual Ply
WTF? What one do i get? i get the 20X2.5 right?

What rim do you have? If it’s a standard rim, you get the 20", if it’s a mod trials rim, you get 19".

Well, a lot of times companies post the rear 19" tire as a 20" tire, so just e-mail them, or call and make sure the rear tire, though listed as 20" will be guaranteed to fit on your 19" trials rim.

Don’t be. It doesn’t matter.

It might be a typo, because the rear specific Creepy Crawler is (19")x2.5. The front specific is something like 20"x2.25. The best thing to do is email them and ask them to clear things up.

I would not have a clue if its a standard rim or not!!!
On my Luna it says 20X2.5
If i was to measrure my rim do i measure from inside the wall or the outside edge?

They also list the Front Specific… as a 20X2.5, so they stock 3 different ones… the 2 different rears and the single front.

What uni is it? On trials unis they’ve got mod rims and on learners, freestyles and things like that they put stock.

Does it have any letters or names written on your rim? Post that.

Sorry, thought i posted what uni i had… my bad…
I ride a Nimbus Trials
Nope, no writing/numbers on the rim… only traces of dirt:D

I would say you needed 19" then

i havn’t heard of luna making 20" tires, if it is a really wide rim its definitely 19"
just get a bike rim and compare the rims, NOT tire sizes
it should measure to 15" diameter if it is a 19" trials rim, and about 16 if it is standard bmx

Lunas say 20x2.5 on the sidewall, but they’re not, they’re 19x2.5

Creepy Crawlers are the same.

Infact, I don’t think any tires actually say 19" on them.

OK thanks, so i DEFINITELY go the 19X2.5 Monty? What is the difference between the Monty and the normal?

Can I please have your Luna? Why don’t you want it anymore?

Also, in Australia, it’s spelt ‘tyre’. ‘Tire’ is American

where can i get a luna in the states? :thinking:

Nar, you cant have it at the moment sorry…
I am just getting a CC to give it a go and see what i like better - if i like the CC heaps better then the Luna is yours - for a small sum, as its still got lots of tread.
I know that Tire is American - Just thought that the majority of people on here spell it that way so thought i’d keep consistant!


nope… they only have the MCC…
which is better?, for anyone who has ever tried both.

Lol. I don’t want tread. I wanna shave it. I shaved my CC and it wont last very long. but i really like my tyre shaven.
What type of some sum?

Who cares the most people here are Americans. You certainly do have to change the way you speak, and if they don’t understand you, they don’t deserve to be a unicyclist/poster.

But whatever, you can do whatever you like.

I still feel like i’m new so just tryna conform!
I guess you have a point though;)

Just go to your local bike store and ask them to order you one. It was in the book that they order their stuff from. Worked for me and I doubt that it would be difrent in the states.

Give it a try, the Owner of the bike shop that I got mine from never even heard of a mod tire before I asked him to order mine :slight_smile:

Well, i e-mailed UDC and this was the response… i really am no more better off :thinking:

I purchased a Nimbus Trials a while back and am wanting to replace
the tyre with a Maxxiss Creepy Crawler.
The Luna that is currently on it says 20X2.5 but when looking at the Maxxiss
range they have a 19X2.5 Monty Rear Specific and 20X2.5 Rear Specific.
I have posted questions as to which one i should order on a unicycle web
forum and got mixed responses.
Just wondering if you could please let me know as i am confused.
Thanks heaps.

Hi Jono,
We don’t have the Maxis in stock but I might be able to help a bit. Trials
rims are actually 19" even though we call them 20" unicycles. I will have a
look at my KH with the Maxis later today and give you all the numbers.
The forums are great and you can get some good information…and misguided
So I will follow this up later today.

Thanks for your response.
I knew (well, was almost 100%) that trials unis were 19in but i just got
confused with the Luna saying 20!
I was all lined up to purchase the CC but then when about to make the order
saw the different sizes. I look forward to your response with the spec of
your CC :slight_smile: Thanks heaps, Jono

Hi Jono,
The Maxis Creepy Crawler on the 20" KH rim only has 20 X 2.5 on the
sidewall. Apart form that there is no more info on the tyre, I know it is a
19" rim though. We will investigate getting them into stock. Cheers

After all that i think i might just stick to the Luna until its un-ridable.