Trials Tire

I’m looking for a new tire for my trials uni because my current Monty tire is getting pretty worn out. Can anyone give me a
side-to-side comparison of different tires? What seems to be working for your trials uni? Thanks.

Just go witht he Luna. Slight changes in compund and tread are the only real differences. The monty had different sidewall strengths, but I hear they’re no longer made.

I have a Luna and its held/holding up pretty well, but I have no other experience with trials tires. I got it in April I think. Does any one know the differences between the Creepy Crawler and the Luna? They look like they have the same tread pattern but I can only tell from movies and pictures. Is there any thing else beyond the name and price?


The creepy cralwer is made of some new,high-tech rubber.But i think it dwears down a lot faster.there was a thread a while back.


Some of the guys with new KH Trials probably have ridden on the luna and the now equipped maxxis tire.

Waiting for someone to chime in

Yeah the Maxxis Creepy Crawler has a significantly softer compound so it will wear down faster. On the other hand, it’s FAR less expensive than a Monty and may well grip better on some surfaces. I think it would be a good tyre for urban (or just generally man-made) stuff.


I would think the contrary. I think the softer compound would be used on natty, since thats where you need the grip and also where there are less abrasive sections. The Luna wears relatively slow compared to all the other tires out there, and seems to grip just as well IMO. I’ll be sticking with the Luna, although my new mod will be coming with echos, so I may give those a shot.

There is also a Try All Tyre available at, it seems to have a differant tread pattern, to most trials tyres, - more of a mountain bike tread pattern.

check it out here

anyone used one of these?


I haven’t ridden with a Creepy Crawler (although I plan to get one soon) but I have seen one on a trials bike and I just got that impression from the feel of it. I can’t explain why but it felt like it would stick well to concrete and metal surfaces. I will try it out for myself though. Maybe I’ll try to pick one up tomorrow. Remind me to do so. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a Luna. Never used anything else though.

The Try All is definately a step up from both the Luna and the Maxis. Very springy and sticks like glue.


Andrew pick up a Creepy Crawler.

I have a Creepy Crawler on my unicycle right now. I like it more then the luna. Its maybe a little less bouncy then the luna because you have to run it at a higher pressure. It grips alot better then a luna. I’m not really a fan of really low tire pressure.

It does wear out faster but I drive so I’m using the unicycle for transportation. I really dont care if a tire wears out faster too, if its better why not? People would rather get a gazz instead of a duro, $40 difference but the Creepy is only really $8 more then the luna.

I also have a Creepy Crawler tire, and I also like it a lot more than a Luna.

It has thinner sidewalls than a Luna, but they are stiff, so it balances out. I’ve also found that because I run this tire at a higher pressure, I get more bounce out if it when I compress it, thus giving me slightly more jump height. It also grips very well on things like rocks and wet surfaces.

I have to say that it doesn’t matter to me how fast it will wear out. I completely balded my last luna in under 2 months, so it’s kind of a moot point for me. I’m already replacing tires every couple of months anyway.


I checked both tires and both gave me almost the same feeling.
At moment I use the Try All one. The grip is unbelievably !

But you should use both tire with a wide rim. As wide as possible …
I use a Try All rim with a wide of 47mm.
So I can ride with very very few air in it.



Okay, yesterday I bought myself a Maxxis Creepy Crawler. Looks like a beauty to me, although I’m waiting for my unicycle to return (it’s in the boot of the car) before I can test it out.

It weighs 1000g, or 2.2lb.


Isn’t it always tomorrow in Australia?

Yeah that’s why I reminded him the same day when he ask to be reminded on the morrow.