Trials Tire size

Well I don’t if I am in the right forum but I will ask anyways. Do you want a wider tire for Trials? Because I would think it would just make your uni heavier. :thinking:

yeah… i ride a lot of trials riders ride 2.5" tires… they have a larger surface area and give more bounce… also the tire absorbs impact…

Plus they have better grip regardless of how much thread they have (even my bald creepy crawler has plenty of grip) because of the way they can squish onto ledges and skinnies and stuff (if you run it at the right pressure)

does anyone know of a good trials tire for a 20" rim

maxxis creepy crawler front.

my friend has a 2.0 monty and it is good but you might not be able to get it any more.

deffinitly this tire… it is awesome

creepy crawler front, also the onza sticky fingers