Trials tire pressure?

This question got a bit buried in my whining about trying to fix the flat on my fat Monty. Anyways, I was just wondering what tire pressure most of you ride on with your trials uni’s.


I normally run 23-28 psi in my monty

When I first started riding I liked a lower tire pressure (19-23). It absorbed the drops better and gave me more spring. Now that I can slam the tire down faster and harder I would bottom the lower pressure, also with the larger gaps and drops and landing on odd shaped things I could fold over the tire. So now I run a similar pressure to Mike (checkernuts) of 23-28 psi. Another point to consider is the weight of the rider. A heavier rider would want a higher pressure. I weigh around 140-145 (this is just a guess).

Because we have a variety of different tire sizes, giving out psi numbers should only be done based on a specific tire size or model. Even then, it should be given along with the rider’s weight as an indicator.

For a more generalized answer, I go with enough air to keep my rim off the ground. This can be pretty low pressure if I’m not dropping from high places (or hard, which are two different things), or a little more air if I am.

I run about 18psi at the moment in my Gazz for everything. I realise it makes it a little harder on flat footpaths but I think it’s worth it because I’m always breaking off to do some trials and so on.


22 psi

A fellow from our area who just built a trials uni asked me that question. I knew that he had One Tired Guy so I brought up Kris’s handrail ride and post climb and said he should make his tire behave like Kris’s does. He immediately lit up with understanding.

This approach eliminates the need for rider weight calibration using absolute numbers. Since it is also apparent from the video that Kris also uses a higher pressure than required to keep the rim from bottoming, I feel that it also gives a better way to get a relative sense of tire pressure.

I run a relatively high pressure so as to be able to jump onto railings without hearing that dreaded CLANG! HISSSSSSSS!

It does make it a bit harder to jump really high though