Trials tire for big hops

Wow, haven’t posted for a long time.

I’ve been on a cyko lite tire for trials the past 4(?) years, and it’s starting to get bald spots. Seems there must be a better tire for trials. I get pinch flats even when I run it pretty hard.

Is their a consensus on best trials tire(s) for hopping high? What are the big side hoppers riding?

OBR gecko is pretty popular, along with the Monty eagle pro claw, or a tryall, if you can find it.

The OBR is considered the best, with the pro race second, both apparently wear pretty fast. I can’t recommend the try all lites, they seem to have an issue where the bead breaks and decides to poke into your inner tube constantly. You were using what is considered to be the worst tire on the market, so both the gekok and the pro race will be a great upgrade.

Good info. Looking forward to trying a new tire since I’m used to the worst. Thanks!

Sigh… I just had a new cyko lite delivered. Oh well!