Trials tire compatibility

I have an old KH trials uni with an Alex DX-32 rim and whatever tire came on it five years ago or so. I’m buying manon1wheel’s Onza Limey described in this thread in the trading post.

I’m wondering if the tire on my Alex DX-32 rim will fit on the Onza Limey’s rim. Riley has a Try-All tire on it now. My tire is a 20X2.5 of some brand that’s really scratched up and unreadable.

The tire you have is probably a Luna and it will be no problem. All TRIALS tires are compatible, but good luck getting it off that rim, they are a brutal combo.

Sorry that Was poorly explained. The Luna will be very difficult to get off the DX32, but it will fit very nicely on the Onza hog rim.

buy the tire w/ the uni, its worth it!
i got one, and i’m very glad i did.

The tires are going to fit better on his Onza hog rim than your Alex DX32.
The hog is wider, so you will be getting less folding, and the Luna is a stiff
tire anyways, so once you get used to the new feel, I think youll like it more
than the older rim.

It is in fact a Luna tire. I think I’ll buy Riley’s tire just to have a spare. Thanks for your help.

+1 to everything…
sounds all worked out to me.

+1 more to the post count.