trials tire alignment

I recently purchased a 20" trials uni. When i look upon the tire and frame the tire is clearly to one side. The tire is not centered within the frame. The tire appears to turn true, simply to one side. It appears that the frame is straight and not out of alignment ,the cranks however, are slightly unequal in distance from the crank to the frame body. The crank on the side with less tire clearance is farther away from the frame. It appears that the bearings are seated firmly and square. What do you know about solving this??

What hub do you have?
And what frame do you have?

Try turning the wheelset around in the frame. Sabin’s first trials was that way. I think the wheel was built to the frame, when you put it in the wrong way it didn’t sit right.

You might be right. But that doesnt make me feel good. Wouldnt that mean that something is really off if it fits one way around but not the other?

Hey, I may be off the mark here

But I thought I ought to mention if you are turning the wheel around in the frame make sure you don’t start riding the unicycle with the wheel the wrong way round (ie right pedal on left and left pedal on right) alot of folk use the seat pin slot on the frame as a marker for the back of the unicycle


Sounds like the bearings are not centered on the axle.

If your uni is the QU-AX the frame may be slightly twisted from it not setting right in the jig when they welded it. Mine does, It does’nt hurt anything and I run a 2.5 creepy crawler

Yes, if you turn your wheel around, be sure to turn the seat around also. But if cures the off-centeredness, it means something else is out of whack…

Probably bearing placement is a little off. If it doesn’t affect your riding you need not worry about it.