Trials-Sweet video

Saw this today. Don’t know who these guys are but the editting, filming and riding is all pretty sweet

loved it!

crazy rolling hop at 1:04!

It is Jonas Jørgensen and Peter Søndergaard from Denmark :slight_smile: At this time they were both 14years old!

i think age doesnt matter that much :roll_eyes:

+1 :stuck_out_tongue: look at Pau and lorenz… both 14 years? and they own ‘eveybody’ ^^
but still a really nice vid with some good trial :slight_smile:

Wow, they have awesome trials skills! I really liked their smooth pedal grabs and the pedal grabs over things!

Height and strength matters much more, but ofc. technique matters most! :wink:

So if a 8 year old kid jumped 100cm or did 720 unispin you wouldn’t be impressed because lots of people have done that?
I think size and strength matters and therefore also age :stuck_out_tongue: because size and strength comes with age…

if an 8 year old looked like you or me then no i would not be impressed. the kids from this vid look like they are just as old as i am or even older. do you remember marci pataki from euc who got 2nd in junior flat? wel he is just over a year younger than kristof horvath who is massive. so imo it depends on the body build and not age. mark fabian is 21 years old and kristof just turned 17 but they trial level is almost tied :wink: i think that the things mark can do that kristof cant aren’t because of how old they are or because of strength, but because mark has more experience on a uni.

+1 :stuck_out_tongue: they look 17-18year… and look bigger than me (but yeah… I’m pretty small xD)

and what? Ö Kristof can match Fabian? how is that possible?
maby in line(with pedal, because Fabian isn’t the best at pedalgrabbing) but Mark his hops are so big and precise… owns on tire :stuck_out_tongue:

haha dude trust me i ride with both you them they’re close… real close. and plus like i said mark can do things that are technical but thats just cause he has more experience on his uni.

haha I like you think they look so old, cus I’m older than both of them :stuck_out_tongue: hehe, but because I’m really low (and haven’t ridden as long) they beat me f*cking hard in trials :frowning:

lol yeah idk… they look quit old ^^ and how long have they been riding?
and I just saw some other vids of them =) they should make a more recent trial vid ^^

wow sick!! I knew kristof was getting really good, but didn’t know he was that good!!

I see your point! But when you are about 17-18 years old age desn’t matters anymore because at that age you stop growing…
But i agree experience matters a lot more than age :stuck_out_tongue: