Alright Guys,

Yeh im from the UK not sure where your all from.

Ive been riding Uni for about 2 years now.

I ride trials/street.

Crank stall
360 degree crank spin
no footed riding
360 drop offs
head hight drop offs
crank grinds

Ill be sure to post a video of me and mate riding.

Just saying Hi, Cause im new

Nice. Im suprised you havent registered before but…
Im Mike and there are a few british riders here. To name a few Amanda, Bishop, Lucas, Roger (owns UDC) and a guy called joe Baxtor who is the best british trials rider (i think im right in saying).

I live in Exeter close to Amanda Bishop and nearish to a guy called Lucas who lives in cornwall.

If you ever wanna ride i will come somewhere but its not the easiest place to get to from here (and vica-versa).


Ite dude sounds good, we should do a uni meet at the stoke on trent huge skate park some time maybe mike could post a link to the pic cos im not sure how to (relativly new aswell)

Cheers Lucas

Here it is guys.


wow, that looks like an awesome place to uni. i must ride there when i come over to england ! very cool!
p.s who ever has ridden there how is it?

I think Rich has (loosemoose) and Kington99 (not sure of his real name) It looks awesome.


P.s Look at all the places to ride ohhh theres one two three…

yeh i bmx too so im planning on going there soon, i need to get back to unicycle as im abit rusty, ive just started again from quiting, ive really forgotton how good it is.

its really nice to have a warm welcome.

on the bmx forum i use every one is so evil, if its your post they rip into you and call you newby. as im pretty well known on there it doesnt happen but ive seen it happen.

Im pretty happy to have a comunal ride soon enough.


STFU Noob. I hope that makes you feel more at home. :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the attidtude on this forum! Everyone is so friendly.
It´s really cool you have learnt all those tricks without using this forum. Without the forum i would never known about any tricks…