I’ve been riding a uni for bout 2 years but only started street/trials for the last 3 months. just wondering how i’m going compared to other riders and if any one knows any areial tricks.cause im out of ideas. Like pedal grabbing in the air, pancaking it and wheel grabs that would be good. Heres some pics i have not sure how to insert them into a post but thats the hyperlink


Because street is a fairly new style it’s hard to compare you to others and because there is no set list of street skills. From the pictures it looks like your pretty skilled to be able to pedal grab along with other skills, If you really want to see how you compare post a video and browse the gallery for others street/trails videos.

If you’re looking for a new skill to do try grinding, clearing stairs, or your height of your jump.

In unicycling terms a “pedal grab” is a stall on your pedal. From there you can hop off the object or hop all the way up to the top. I actually have never seen your kind of pedal grab…but it looks cool.
Thats cool you can 540, not very many people can do that. Post a movie of yourself, it tells alot more about a rider than a picture does.
You can search the forums for some really good trials and street movies. here is one of me (on the uni) and Evan Byrne (on the bc) It’s definately not an example of the best street riding but its something to compare to.

Yea i know the pedal grab where you use it to hop onto stuff. But i dont know what else to call it. I can grind and clear bout 5 stairs i will get some movies up just got to make some.

Yeah, I don’t know what else you could call it. Since you are grabbing your pedal it should be called a pedal grab but the names taken. :sunglasses:

That video was pretty sick never thought of crankflips before. Still working on uniflips their really hard. I think i’ll call it “suicide grab” cause if you pull it to long it really hurts to land, you and your uni i’m open to any sugestion. What was that wheel thing that looks like a lot of fun. Wish we had skate parks like that in oz. We got crap all.

we should call it a pedal stall. Just to mess with people.

Just call it a mute grab…

Mute grab to easy.

Hey whats it called when you stall on an item on the bottom of the crank instead of it being flat on the ledge your balancing on the round part?

I don’t think there is a name for that.

I thought it was axel stall cause your balancing on the axel but the crank is over it.

It’s nice to see more creative tricks forming. I’ve never seen a pedal grab done before. If you want to see some of the super skilled street riders then I highly recomend this site. ‘Defect’ is the newest film made and has the most up to date tricks in any video, I think. It’s also some friggin crazy riding. If you can I’d suggest that you order at least this movie.

It’s a “mute” now not “pedal grab”.:D.well i’m still thinking of tricks to do. Ive been expermenting with a handplant style trick on to ledges but it’s friggin hard. and i’ve tried a flip a few times all atempts so far FAILED. Gravity sucks. I think thats what i’ll call my movie. I’ll try and get some movies up soon to show what i’m talking about.

I’ve done pedal mute grabs before, but I’ve never really seen them anywere else.

A more popular trick is a tire grab. Here’s a great pic of Dan Heaton doing one:

Handplants, sounds like a hard trick. Try footplants aswell, and wall plants… There’s a wall plant in the Defect trailer, I would link it for you but I can’t find it…

Oh, and you should put this in RSU :slight_smile:

aeria pedal grab

pedal grip?
grip of death?
Pedal tap?


Tried that wheel grab it’s friggin hard off a hop but can grab off a legde but cant seem to land it need more air. I can pancake the uni perfectly now. Which is when you hop off a ledge you pull it completely horizontal. Just waiting to get my camera back. To make movies.

Have you tried front tire grabs? They are so much easier than backside one dan is doing.

No but i will as soon as i get my new uni i snapped mine :frowning: just got back i tried a backside grind and ate crap and now my babys got a big fracutre on the frame. It did well being generic brand. did me 2 years. Oh well dang now i’ll have to go and get that nimbus 2 i wanted damn :smiley: