Trials + Street

Hey guys, I was originally going to post this in the video competition but it didn’t fit the criteria so I’m putting it up now, hope you enjoy, please comment

Vimeo will be up soon, it’s still uploading

Youtube is up but the quality is horrible.

Please comment

Wow you got really good, really fast. I think me and you started at about the same time and now your about twice as good as me.

Your best song choice too.

Good job

Nice seat wraps. I find them hard. I can do them but I’m so inconsistant. And nice bails too lol.

Yeah good progress.Im surprisedf you can do those wraps already i only land about 3 out 0f 10 tries

I land about 1 in 30 and I’m not kidding. It was like 2 hours practise to land my second one after landing my first lol. And it usually takes 10 minutes for me to land one.

yeah i used to find them really hard.Are you sure you are holding the handle when wrapping round ? I realised i was holding the seat sif like i would normally and then changed to using the handle and it makes it a whole lot also helsp to try and stand tall and straight while doing it because it stops the uni from moving so much

Yeah I hold it by the handle and sometimes a little bit of the seat. Occasionally I get it stuck between my legs when it’s behind me but not often. I usually get my second leg round, and even if I get it on the pedal I’m so off balance I can’t recover. I have been getting more consistent at them lately though. I find it easier if I tilt the unicycle quite a bit but you you need to tilt it just right to land it.

That was a really cool video. It was kinda weird that the quality wasn’t the best like your other videos, but the riding was really good.

You are really getting good at trials, and good job on the seatwrap. That’s a fun trick.

Go bigger for the highjump over the bar, you have nothing to lose :wink:


Nice video I was guessing if you can already do 360 unispins, can you?

Terrific riding… admire those wounds for the love of uni!!!

in a few hours, I’ll post a new thread, but the movie will hopefully be a lot better quality.

that’s good old are you?and how long have you been riding.not just trials but unicycling in general?

I’ve been riding seriously for about a year.