Trials/Street Wheel & KH Fusion Street Saddle


So I can’t afford having 2 trials unis, so I am starting by selling a wheel and seat.

Wheel specs:

  • Qu-ax Red ISIS hub
  • Black spokes & nipples
  • Qu-ax BX-38 Rim 19" (38mm wide)
  • KH Moment Cranks 125mm (best for street and flat, and fine for trials)
  • Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire 20x2.5 (probably like 1-2 hrs of riding on)

Then i’m also selling the seat with the wheel. Just a KH fusion street saddle, I bought it about a month ago, and lightly ridden on. So like new.

Again, nothing is wrong with anything, I just can’t afford too many unicycles, and I am really into photography.

Sorry for the quality of photos, it was getting dark, so it was pretty low light. But you get the idea.

If your interested, reply to the thread, send me a PM (private message), email or MSN me at :slight_smile:



Prices are CAD.


Alright Emile, you can laugh.


i dont get whats so funny…

+1 :thinking:

Oh it’s just that Émile gives me a hard time with the amount of buying and selling I do.

Now, back on topic. Anyone interested?


Is the seat pre or post clear coat crap layer? You know that stuff that peals off of new seats…?

Yeah, it’s that stuff that peels up and eventually wears away.

That stuff drives me nuts.

I think it only happens with SIF, because on both my freestyle and coker, I don’t have any of it. (Both KH Fusion Freeride, and KH Fusion Street Saddles)


I had no idea why people’s seats looked like they were peeling until I bought a street saddle the other day and it started to flake off as I was relacing it!

That stuff is HORRID! It is like wax almost!

I too laugh.

Yeah, that stuff is really annoying.

Anybody interested in anything? Let’s try to keep it on topic :wink: