Trials/Street video. For your eyes only


As Jess stated in his freestyle video thread, we both went out riding at the same time and I also filmed a little at a local park. (the one I usually ride at)

So i made a video its about 1:30 long

a little under 6 MB (WMV)

It is called Feb 21st

it is at the bottom

Hope you guys enjoy,

-Sabin Arditty

Good video. Those hops are amazing. You got about 10" on me! thats sick. Keep up the good work and riding.

Thanks Tim,

  That was actually my first time hopping onto a picnic table from the side (jumping over the seat part and landing on the table) Thanks for the comment, i'm glad you enjoyed the video.


Like I said to you before Sabin, that grind aftermath was so FLOWY. I love it.

Sweet vid, and killer music :wink:



Amazing hops!

Nice video! Impressive riding, very clean editing! Great job. Keep 'em coming…

yawn needs some work…

just kidding that was flippin sweet!!! good job kid, wish i could ride like you.

Thanks for all the feedback you guys,

and thanks to jess for helping me find some good music;) :wink:


DAM Sabin, you can pedal dam fast, for an olive.

From, Fatty


 Thanks for that comment zack;) 


I think you forgot. Im a Giver.


HAHA. man zack.


You inspire me…makes me want a trials uni, also makes me want to be about 15 years younger :smiley:

agreed and the whole video was great.


dude you make those jumps look so easy…awsome video…


At practice last week Sabin was showing a high hop to a couple of the new kids.

I told them I could do that too if I was 30 pounds lighter and 30 years younger.

Losing weight is the easy part…

Nice stuff Sabin.

Thanks Steve


nice pedals

awesome video

i cried because of the awesomness

hats off mate, that’s amazing riding!