Trials/Street unicycle question

Hello Unicyclist Community,
I have been unicycling for about a year and have recently tried to do tricks with my cheep no-name unicycle I learned on. Its a 20" unicycle and i don’t think its built for what I have in mind. Im having a hard time learning to jump high or in place using this unicycle so i was wondering if investing in a true trials/street unicycle would help me with these beginner tricks. All the trials/street unicycles I see online are designed fairly similarly to mine at a glance (with the exception of quality and some specific changes to aid with specific tricks). If you think it would be helpful for me to get a true trials/street uni, do you have any cheep, but good quality suggestions?

Hi Zayne and welcome to the forum!

Having a trial uni will slightly help for jumps thanks to the high volume tire.
However, no magic there, you will have to sweat to earn it :wink:

But the biggest help from a trial will be that you will not be trashing your learner in a blink :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopping will break a cheap unicycle, so you can’t really cut corners on cost if you want to do trials riding. I have no idea how much you weigh, but if you are adult-sized, I wouldn’t try to go any cheaper than a Nimbus. With luck, sometimes you can find good deals on a used one.

If your jumping around on a cheap uni you will most likely sooner than later destroy the rim and either bend the cranks or snap the hub. It’s hard to beat the nimbus trials unicycles. They all use a super strong rim, good Isis hub, and decent cranks right out of the box. If your someone who knows they will upgrade stuff the impact and kh’ uni’s end up being cheaper in the long run(assuming you upgrade the cranks, tire, and saddle).

Thanks all for the responses!
Just browsing through unicycles, the cheapest from the brands mentioned appears to be the Impact 19" Athmos Unicycle. Do you recommend I choose a nimbus 19" over that impact one? Is the boost of more money worth it over the athmos? Im aiming for something under $400.
I am 17 and about 150 lbs.

I don’t have any experience with the Athmos but I do know that it has stamped bearing holders which I feel is a trait of cheaper frames, the nimbus on the other hand has machined bearing holders which are defiantly higher quality. I’m 170 and flopped off many 4+ foot drops with my nimbus trials without a single issue so it’s proven itself to me. The only thing I didn’t like about my nimbus trials was the cyclo light tire which I swapped for a creepy crawler after a month or so. Hopefully someone with experience on the Athmos can chime in because it does seem like a good deal overall.

I bought a 24" nimbus 2 as soon as I caught the bug and mostly learned on it, but decided to get a relatively cheap trials to practice skills on and went for the athmos because it had what I needed - strong wheel, isis hub, fairly light. My only issue with it is I’d have preferred a longer neck as I’m 6’2", but with a longer seatpost it’s OK and I still have about 2" of seat height adjustment.

I am still very much a beginner, my limit at the moment is hopping up & down curbs of maybe 6-7", but I’m a big guy and have had no issues with buckling the wheel or pinch flats. I think when the tyre wears out I’ll try upgrading to a creepy crawler, but the price of the athmos plus a new tyre is still less than the nimbus.

If you see trials being what you want to do then maybe save for a higher spec uni, but if you just want something stronger than your no-name learner for skills practice and as a stepping stone to a bigger wheel for muni or whatever you won’t go far wrong with the athmos.

What about the qu-ax trial?
It’s heavy but pretty solid, and doesn’t cost much.

I saw your budget is under $400 if you live in the us you could always have an impact gravity shipped from canada if you order from municycle. It takes a little longer but the unicycles are on sale and for me shipping is only 15.50 usd to my house. The newer model is 377 and the older is 320 I think. The older is a little heavier but its still a good uni. I plan on getting the older to give me some wiggle room to customize parts. Gonna have to work to learn the tricks but having a tougher uni does give you the chance to since it wont break haha.

Thanks for all the replies. I think I’m going to do some more research before I settle on something. :slight_smile:

I was in a similar situation. I had been riding my 20" 20 year old Pashly from new, and loved it. I was happily riding, oblivious to how unicycles had evolved. Then, I seen some people doing some big jumps etc, and thought I’d give it a go… my poor Pashly! After jumping off a meter drop, feeling rather pleased that I landed it… I thought “something is not right” as I wobbled away… I had twisted my hub so badly that the cranks were about 30 degrees off! At that point I upgraded to a Nimbus, ISIS hub and KH moment cranks. That setup was indestructible.

As far as an upgrade making it easier to do jumps and hops etc, probably a little bit, as mentioned due to a bigger tyre - I recommend a Maxxis Creepy Crawler 2.5. Also the upgrade will give you motivation because it will look great feel so nice to ride in comparison :slight_smile: Good luck!

Another tire option is the Monty pro race Eagle Claw, which is lighter than a Creepy Crawler and, in my opinion, has a nicer feel.

Also, if you know you are going to do trials, get decently long cranks, like 130mm or 140mm, they won’t be as smooth when riding, but the extra torque will make landing on angled surfaces so much easier. Nice pedals are a good investment too, I don’t know what the pedals are like now, but when I bought my unicycle, they were rubbish.

First, forgive me Zane. I’m not trying to hijack your thread. Just have a quick question for onlyneedsone since he brought up the UDC Canada website.

So, onlyneedsone,
Have you actually ordered from them? I’m in the US and had a pretty bad experience this past week trying buy from the Canada UDC website. At first, they didn’t even want to deal with me, wouldn’t answer my questions, and just told me to go to the US site. It was like pulling teeth getting info out of them, and they were kind of rude, which was a BIG surprise to me! When they did finally answer my questions, they told me that there would be extra shipping costs above the listed price, and that I’d have to pay some sort of export tax. I was really not expecting the rude customer service and all the extra expenses involved, none of which are mentioned on their website.

I’ve been a big fan of the US UDC site, but I can’t help but wonder if I just got the wrong guy on the wrong day, or if there’s pressure from the US UDC folks to try to funnel US customers back to the US site, or what the deal is. The prices are better, according to the information on the Canadian website, and I thought I had found a pretty good deal until all that nonsense. Whatever the case is, I’m probably not going with UDC for my next purchase, but I would be curious to hear about your experience, and if you had to pay anything extra above what’s listed on their website.

Hey Bradford. I hadn’t had any problem from there before I had previously emailed them asking about the unicycle last time it was on sale because I was looking to get an extra wheelset. They were super nice and answered really quickly. Ended up only ordering a rim from them and it got here at the price quoted in about 2 weeks (was out of town when it arrived so cant say how long it actually took) but yea. Had no problems on my end I only ordered the rim as a tester to see if they were gonna get my order right because ive heard UDC often messes up. I was told that my stuff may be subject to customs fees and whatnot just as a general and I’ve ordered and shipped things overseas before so I wasnt bothered if I would end up having to pay a customs fee.

I’ll be ordering the unicycle I mentioned in a week or so. If the OP doesn’t mind I can add my experince ordering from em on here.