Trials/Street Pedals Enquiries


As all UK riders know, slippery pedals are not fun and I am getting particularly fed up with smashing my shins open (again :)).

What are the best and lightest trials/street pedals around (that are available to the UK)? has the:
DX Style Pedals
Snafu Pedals
Magnesium Pedals

Perhaps someone could give me the “low down” on these pedals?

The Snafu Pedals are grippy and not too expensive but they are heavier than the others

Any comments would be fantastic! Especially on the Magnesium and DX pedals!


PS. Any super good pedals to look out for?

Buy the magnesium one if you don’t like the Snafy.
The other pedals I find ugly.
But its your choice.

go to and get yourself the best pair of DMR V’s that you can afford, either the V8s or V12s. I’ve used both and currently have a pair of V12s on my muni, they’re great. Plus you can take the pins out for grinding on one side of your ‘street’ pedals.


Probailer2- Are the Magnesium pedals better than Snafu? They’re cheeper, lighter and have more pins. People seem to be using the Snafu pedals though? Replies?

How much do the DMRs weigh please?


Odyssey Jim Cs, they do for street what Snafu’s do for MUni.

They’re not incredibly light but they are the weight that you’d expect for a highly durable street pedal. I think the general rule of thumb for pedals is you’ll pay a normal price for decent pedals or a ridiculous price for the weight reduced options (that could well break within a couple of months).

In terms of their advantages over Snafus for street riding, they have smaller pins so you can still adjust your foot without ripping a hole in your shoe and they have larger platforms so you get a larger margin of error for landing unispins etc.

The magnesium are ligter if I ain’t rong.
But I ride on Snafu’s on mij KH 24" freeride (standard on the uni)
I think the weight isn’t a problem but if you don’t like snafu’s than buy this one:
They have a good grip and are magnesium.
That’s my suggestion.
Or you could go to your local bike store and watch some BMX pedals.

I have the Jim C. Odyssey Platform pedals, and I’m quite satisfied with them. they’re really strong and really grippy.

I don’t know where you buy them, but they look pimpish eh?

On my uni I have a pair of Jimmy C’s. Blue. Look good with my KH.

I ride on Odyssey Jim C’s, they are wonderful. The pins are grippy, but not too grippy or scary looking. I got them from

Thank’s Guys!

Thank’s Guys!
I’m getting a good idea of what people are riding on!

Questions on Jim C’s Odyssey Platform Pedals
This is the picture of the pedals on

  1. You can see 6 very little pins and 4 holes on each pedal. Are those pedals for other pins to go into?

If they are then I will most certaintly be looking into getting the Odysseys. They look great and translate to about £18.70 AND I will be able to get them powdercoated red, to match my “soon to be” red frame.

  1. Can anyone tell me anything about shipping to England from When I use the shipping calculator I end up with the result “USP 65.81 Worldwide Expedition” which doesn’t mean much to me :roll_eyes: ! Surely this doesn’t mean $65!

If the Odysseys aren’t available I will just have to decide between the 3 from

Which pedals have most grip? / Best for Trials

Magnesium Pedals

Pedals - DX Style

Snafu Pedals

All opinions would be really great!

I prefferably don’t like removable pins…the pins either chip off when i pedal grab onto anything metal or stone or get bent and dont come out and then eventually they wear down to nothing. Then you have to buy new ones. I just buy some funky kind of alluminum ones from my uncle’s bike shop and they last me years! Only good thing bout removable is that you can remove the pins for grinding (thats what I think at least). Hope that helps!

I ride JC’s on both my muni and my trials… I wouldn’t ride anything else. These pedals are super beefy, have a perfect amount of grip (without super sharp pins), and are easily servicable.

There are eight pins for each side of the pedal. You get two sets of pins for each set of pedals, one set is slightly longer than the other so you can choose how much grip you get. The 4 holes you see are there so you can remove the pins from the other side of the pedal with a hex key… notice you only see 4 hex heads in the photo? The other 4 heads are under the holes.

The JC’s come in red… I’d recommend anodizing the pedals if you want to change their color… the pedals are knurled (you can ride with no pins at all and still get half-way decent grip) and if you powder coat them you’ll likely fill in the knurling, giving you a smooth pedal surface. They’re your pedals, do what you want…

I’m all for DMR V8s or V12s. You can get magnesium versions, and also titanium axles if you want to go further. Mag might be a bad idea for trials pedals, they get a lot of abuse. You can tune the grip perfectly cos all the pins are removable, or can be switched for longer ones. The really great thing about them is that the bearings are replaceable and serviceable, with a little care they are always smooth and last for a long time, deffinitely a good pedal investment. There’s also the gusset full throttles, which have proper grind plates for smoother sliding, Loosemoose uses them for trials and street all the time. I think UDC sells them these days, same kind of money as the DMRs, worse bearings and heavier, but probably tougher.

I just use cheap walmart pedals that I grind down the pins on one side for rails and ledges…

The V8s look grippy, inexpensive and there is no delivery charge! Fantastic! That blue looks nasty though, and won’t look good on my “soon to be” red uni :slight_smile:

Do they come with extra pins?

Look at this link

See in the bottom right: RC Red.
Are they the V8s in read? The site doesn’t have a picture.
Does anyone have V8s in red?

It’s looking like it’s between JCs (if i can get them) and the V8s!

Anyone know where else to get JCs (other than UDC)? Would roger order some? :slight_smile:



I can’t find JCs that will ship to England anywhere! Except one place that charges $76!


Some bike shops in your area should be able to do it for you, I got my Jim’s in via my local bike shop. I would recommend the sealed bearing models, i had to recently overhaul mine (but they fell in the sea). Definitely the best pedal i’ve ridden :smiley: Hope that helps.

Alternatively, get some people who need to import stuff from the states, and then do one big order and share the postage, that usually works to cut down the costs :smiley:

i think tha snafu’s are better than the JCs. they concave design holds yoru foot better, and while they have fewer pins, i think they work much much better. once they’re totally destroyed on my muni(lasted 3+ years and are wearing out) i’ll probably buy another pair.

They only come with one set of pins, but you can buy both replacement pins and ‘terror pins’ which are longer for a couple of quid from your local bike shop. Incidentaly not all the pins on a V8 can be removed easily, you can pull the fixed ones out with a vice (as i did to my onza pedals) if you’re going to remove them permeanently, only around half can be screwed in and out at will. You can see in this photo, the black pins are removable, the silver ones are not. Yes that does refer to red V8s, RC Red is a really strong red, see Loosemoose’s V12s here.

Whoo! The V12s look tastey!

unicyclistjoe- Thanks for the comments. I’ll ask around town to see if anyone can order some for me :slight_smile:

Where can I tell the shops to order them from? Is there an official JC website that ships them?

If not I’ll definately get some V8s!

Thanks for everyone’s comments and opinions.