Trials/street on a 24"

My only unicycle is a nimbus 24" muni 150mm cranks (I do have a learners but it’s got a broken crank so I cant do any jumps on it.) I wanna do some stuff like crankflip but I’m not sure if it would suit.

It’s doable on 24. Some things may be harder, but really, not that much harder. There are some good riders who ride street on 24. You may want to look into getting some shorter cranks 125 or 137 though.

I got rid of my 19" for a 24" as it was faster for doing rolling hops and riding about town where I was doing “big” street I only do about 4 foot drops etc so am not super hardcore and suck as much at jumping up things on the 24 as I did on the 19" :stuck_out_tongue: so I think that is good?? :wink:

The perfect family of Unicycles in my book 24/29/36" :slight_smile:

uni rocks 1 small.JPG

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how is that tire on your 24?

I assume you had a creepy crawler on your 20?

how does the tire on your 24 compare to the tire you had on the 20?

I had a creepy and then moved to a Monty Race, the big Betty is only a few millimeters narrower than my 3" Duro but is not as tall so you have to run it harder to stop bottoming it out. I run at 25 psi and land 4 foot drops fine but I have to roll out smoothly and land neatly unlike on a Duro where I could hammer it into the ground. It is also about half the weight so the uni picks up speed well and feels light to jump.

The tall tread knobs latch on to edges pretty well and I overall it feels pretty stable, only the lack of volume so slightly higher pressures is its only short coming but as a Big street, Natural Trials, MUni beast it is a great all round tyre :slight_smile:

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24inch works pretty darn good :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree, if you are doing trials tho stick with the 150s

Says the person who’s videos got me to build one :wink: