Trials,street,flatland,and freestyle set up

How high do you put your seat and what pedals to use for

  1. Trials
  2. Street
  3. Flatland
  4. Freestyle
    Any help is wanted.

I think the general consensus is:

  1. Trials - medium
  2. Street - lower
  3. Flatland - same as street
  4. Freestyle - very high.

I hate seeing topics like this. I normally ignore them but decided to reply to this one.

Its completely up to you how high you run your seat or what pedals you use or what colour your rimtape is or if you wear your underwear back-to-front.

Honestly, just experiment and see what you like, as opposed to blindly following advice you’ve got from an internet forum.
People will probaby tell you to run a highish seat and grippy pedals for trials. I run a lowish seat and the cheapest plastic pedals. Completely different to what most people will say, but it works fine for me.
Have people lost the ability to think for themselves?

Rant well and truly over! :slight_smile:

I ride…

  1. Trials - High
  2. Street - High
  3. Flatland - High
  4. Freestyle - very high.

Higher is comfier IMO.

My preference is…

  1. Trials - medium
  2. Street - same as trials
  3. Flatland - very high
  4. Freestyle - same as flat

I agree with jaco flans - I think a higher seat is more comfortable for riding. But for trials and street I need some room to bend my knees in order to absorb shock, so the seat has to be a little lower.

It also depends on your point of view:

  1. Trials - really low
  2. Street - really low
  3. Flatland - pretty low
  4. Freestyle - normal height

For Trials, it always depends on if you’re more a SIF rider or SI. I agree that if you ride most of the time SI it will be better with a low seat to absorb shocks but also for higher hops, but in SIF, it is way more comfier to hold with high seat than low because if it’s too low it hutrs your back. I also fond that you have more control of the Uni if it’s not too low.

i have a very thick seat right now so i have been running it a bit lower than usual

These topics are fine, just helps some people make a more informed decision.

Generally, a higher seat is preferable for seat-out riding in trials and lower if you’re predominantly riding seat-in.

But yeah, most importantly just play with the heights and experiment in small increments to see what suits you best.

i didnt want to start a new thread for this question. How should i run my seat on the seat post?

depends what your preference is :slight_smile: i know people who have it on a higher angle, because thats what they prefer. me, personally, i have it in the middle between as low and as high as it can go :stuck_out_tongue: just experiment and finds what feels comfortable :smiley:

Thanks for speaking your mind, Edd, I have the exact same feelings.

I can see merit to posting questions when the answers have some significant consequences… such as if someone is at risk of damaging their equipment or hurting themselves.

In this case, THERE’S NOTHING TO LOSE by just fiddling around with your unicycle and riding on your own. How does the OP think unicyclists ever managed to ride before the Internet?

If anything, you’re going to learn a lot more by trying things for yourself, then by blindly following the advice of random strangers who have no idea who you are or what you’re trying to do. Everyone’s got different bodies, different unicycles, different riding styles, different experiences… there’s absolutely no guarantee that anyone’s advice will work for you!

The only thing you learn by posting endless questions is how to rely on others. This won’t bode well when you become an adult and realize you don’t know how to do anything on your own.

my golden rule is:
if I’m on it, my feet have to be able to touch the ground…

With the seat bolted to the top.

haha ryan,
I found that once i lowered my seat a little I could pull up more efficiently with SIF sidehops, which meant i got 107cm today :smiley:
but maybe thats me :slight_smile:

I like to run a fairly high seat, I find it more comfortable and easier to spin. Also if I ride trials I do most of it seat it but if I wanted to grab something high I’d switch to SIF.

I only ride freestyle, but my seat is usually so high that I cannot pull it out from my legs. Now that I need to do that, I may have to re-practice some tricks (like one foot riding) because it’s “more efficient” when the seat is higher. I have thought about getting larger cranks to compensate : / but then it doesn’t spin as smooth as the 90mm.

tried to set it so that if I rode with the middle of my foot on the pedal it was like that, so I could use the balls of my feet to get the seat in front, but it feels funky to ride that way.

I’ve always ridden it very high. I love it high. But recently, I lowered it as an experiment and found lots of flatland to be much easier.

And don’t listen to those people trying to say this is a stupid or invalid question. It isn’t. This is a forum for unicyclists to discuss unicycles and unicycling, so imho, you couldn’t have posted anywhere better. As if asking an experienced guitarist how high he sets his bridge meant you couldn’t think for yourself - get serious.

I just wanted to get your back because I hate being made to feel foolish on forums and I don’t really think their negativity was justified. In any case, I like riding really high because it feels like I can SPRINT, and I can go very quickly. But experimenting different heights for different skills is the way to go, probably.

Thanks. I ended up needing a new seatpost for my new koxx-one so I am running super low.

medium for everything,seat at lowest angle for everything,metal pedals for everything,one unicycle for everything