Trials/street and freestyle unicycles, or parts(UK)

Hi guys im am putting up this post for the riders at Calstock unicycle club (south west england) many of whom are after unicycles for christmas. We now have 15-20 riders in are begginers club and loads of them want unicycles, so let us know what you have got and how much you want for it. We are after trails or street unicycles and freestyle unicycles or possibly parts for either type of unicycle to put together. Also my KH street has finally given up so i am after a KH or possibly koxx wheel set and cranks and a carbon fiber seatbase . Oh and actually i need a new saddle as well again kh or koxx. So let me know how much you want for the parts and I’ll see what i can do.

Cheers Sam

What about a giraffe unicycle?

Hi i will ask around but i doubt it as the club itself all ready owns a giraffe, cheers anyway

No worries, I just figured I’d mention it as mine is up for grabs.

i though you had stuff for sale…

yeh i know im pritty sure i didnt put it like that any one know how to change it