trials setup

Hey everyone. I’ve been wanting to get a new trials uni for a while. I cant decide on a frame but I really want the Nimbus 20 inch trials flat crown but UDC does’nt seem to have them right now. How does this setup look to you guys? What frame do you recommend and where do you get it?

KH 07 hub and crank set(125mm cranks)-$136
Nimbus trials rim-$35
Marwi 14g spokes-$0.40 each(I’m buying 36)
DX pedals-$19
United seat post-$12
Maxxis Creepy Crawler-$30
KH street gel saddle-$54
about $296
and I still need a frame!

I dont want a stock uni unless its a koxx or a kh (which I dont have enough money for right now)

Why not get a KH frame…
Or you could get this Koxx… its 61 dollars, but its MDC, so shipping will cost a lot.

EDIT: The set up looks pretty nice, other than that.

I would get a Bedford frame, only 55 bucks Canadian if I’m not mistaken.

would that fit a trials tire?


The only thing I might look into would be a different rim…there are a lot of great trials rims for not a lot more cash. It would be a shame to spend all that money to build up a really nice wheel and have to replace the rim later. Maybe the Nimbus is a nice rim, I dunno…but i seem to recall some posts about the sidewall of the Nimbus rims ripping/bursting off the rim. Maybe this has been addressed, but worth looking into. Good luck on building up your uni!

Where have you heard of sidewalls ripping off? I heard of the KH rims doing that while they still had the groove in them and they looked exactly like the Nimbus ones do now, so maybe the new nimbuses are just the lot of KH rims taht were made with the groove. I was also considering buying the Nimbus rim as I have a hunch that it is just a copy of the 05/06 KH rim, but if it has that groove I shall look elsewhere.