Trials session, central London, 2nd April

10:30 at the Shell Centre behind the London Eye on the South Bank this Sunday.

There’s at least one photographer and 3 good trials riders coming already

If you’re late don’t worry, just ask a tourist where we are or call me on 07973 815 683

come to ride, pick up a few tips or just goof around & watch. If you want to borrow a uni let me know.

see you sunday!


So far we have a definite yes from Joe Hodges (recently sponsored by, Sponge, Loosemoose

maybes from Antoine, Dave and Alex…

It looks like I’m talking to myself here, but Kris Peck will be coming out of hiding too!

Joe Baxter is another maybe…

I MIGHT be going, It is hard to find travel arrangements from so far away. Any tips? I have recently learned to flip and can almost hick. I am not particularly good at trials, not to bad.


Sounds good, but I am far far too far away from london.

Anybody in Scotland interested in a similar thing happening on this side of the border?

Sorry if that’s a threadjack…


Same here, I would like to go even though I don’t usually ride trials.

I can’t go this time though as I will be busy shopping for wedding rings on Sunday :astonished:

gkmac, you live in epsom! thats really close to the area me and Joe ride, Surbiton. And yeah just come with :p, its more a social thing than a full on trials ride :slight_smile:

me 2- would really love 2 come as it’s not very far from me, but i’m running a club this sun so no can do i’m afraid… :frowning:

Too late notice for me i’m affraid,but we’ll see coz i think a friend doing a business trip and i might hitch a ride.

I went for a day of riding in London with two Joes a few years ago; even without the jumpy stuff it was a cool day of riding around the South Bank, seeing the sights and generally just doing lots of riding of unicycles. It’s nice in that it’s in the middle of the city but you won’t have to ride anywhere near a road for the most part.

While Joe R and myself were on jumpy 20s, Joe M was on his 26" which definitely isn’t a jumpy contraption, so a 24" will be fine.

Treat it like an outdoor unimeet without any hockey…


I’d say treat it like a Muni ride without the mud! (although if you really want to you could ride in the river at low tide…)

Sorry guys I cant make it. Mayb e next time, with a bit more notice :stuck_out_tongue:


Dammit! i jus checked the forums for the first time in bout a week, an i found this thread. Its 12:30! i would have come down but its a bit late now! It seems like the whole world dosn’t want me to ride sometimes!

Ride on!