Trials Seat

I have heard that a Kh seat is very difficult for doing trials with so, what seat would be good??

You get used to the KH seat, but at first it’s a bit hard. Most people like the Miyata or the Viscount seat though. I’d advise the Miyata. But it’s out of stock on unicycledotcom for pretty much ever, so, get a Torker LX seat instead, they’re basically the same, just not as pretty.

‘for pretty much ever’?

I found this out the hard way when having my LBS, yesterday, try and order a back bumper and seat foam for my next, custom, trials seat, through I was hoping they’d get more in a week, but he told me that unidotcom didn’t know when they’d have more in. Looks like I’ll have to use my old miyata back bumper, until I order a kinport one for the rear.

I have the KH, but not for much longer. I broke the stiffener plate in less than a year. Looks like I’ll have to recycle the foam for my next seat, and get a kinport bumper.

Cons? Mine was a version one. At first it was nice, but the more I improve my skills, the less I like the seat

1.)Too much foam for trials. I have big hands, but it’s too much, and creates a little inaccuracy for seat-out skills.

2.)Too much curve…I’m glad I can tilt it with my thompson/rail-bracket

3.)There’s a lot of flex, not just because I broke my stiffener plate. If it weren’t for my rail-post-bracket, the front half would’ve cracked long ago.

4.)Those darn staples. Yeah, I had to cut a patch of the seat that curves around the bottom edge and staples to the base, where I’ve worked the staples out from seat-out.

My solution? I’ve ordered and am waiting for my Scott Wallis cf base…then I can get rid of my rails, which I’m scared of pinching my fingers in…And I’ll run the new KH fusion cover (which I’ve heard good things about)…Kinport Handles…and whatever miyata-thick foam I can lay my hands on…and thompson post.

This is an expensive, but progressive, and low-profile trials design…But I’m pretty much only a trials rider, until I get a BC wheel, or something.

I’ll post pics when I get my new seat…


Don’t get the torker LX seat for doing trials. The handle will start cracking underneath the seat by the bolts after a while. And since Trials is all about jumping, you need a handle that’s more durable and that can take quick bursts of tork (like the KH handle or some custom handle).

KH is the best non modified seat for trials. If you want to modify a miyata, though, you will get a better seat.

I definitely agree with that…but I’d say that the Miyata is worth modifying. The most important thing is just a new handle, because the Miyata one is way too small…But with a new handle, it is a very, very nice seat.

Ive cut down the foam in my KH seat. It has a comfy seat out hold and is still comfy riding.

How about the flat KH version from Koxx 1?
Way better for hopping seat out.

i have big hands and a kh fusion and i think it’s fine as is. well, i added a gb4 stiffener plate because the stock seat is still super flexy, but for seat out it was fine.

UDC gel seat.

I know I sound stupid but what is a UDC gel seat, and I have enough trouble with seat out tricks on my um… learners unicycle :roll_eyes: .

The Miyata seat is on UK, I would want it but you have to arrange for a carriage to transport it which I would think would cost twice the amount as the saddle, so does anybody know a better place to buy the Miyata??

The Koxx seat looks like it has no curve in it, and it appears a little bit more expensive. And I wouldn’t want to butcher up my Kh seeing as to how it might get kind of lumpy.

How would one modify the myata to make it better?

Stiffener plate, Carbon Fibre Base, Kinport/Reeder/CF etc. handle, Air modding, and plenty of other stuff.

I like my KH Fusion… the stiffener plate inside is almost a joke, though. There are a lot of people who have broken then… someone on here broke it in a few months, I believe. A stiffener plate (from what I understand these will be available later this year, but don’t quote me on that) or carbon fiber seat base will fix that problem.

As for the amount of foam… don’t like that much? Cut it down. The Fusion cover, besides being completely awesome, is removable for a reason. The foam in my Fusion is the softest I’ve ever felt in a seat. Want gel? Cut the foam down, glue some gel to it, and there you go. An air saddle is just as easy to make. Fusion covers are excellent.

For a handle… I have big hands, and the stock handle only allows me to use three fingers and my some of my thumb. I just got a Reeder handle, and I can’t say enough good things about it… lots of area to grab on to a bike grip, and the angle of it is perfect.

Get a KH Fusion, and modify it to whatever you want. You won’t be dissapointed…

… until your stiffener plate breaks.


My cut down Velo seat. And when I say cut down it is cut down.

My setup:

Miyata CF base
SWallis CF handle
Gemcrest cover in black
standard miyata foam
Angled up on a rail adapter

theobie have good taste in saddles…

I think I’ll probably go with a viscount saddle, which I know isn’t the most comfy but for trials it doesn’t really have to be for trials, and I would also put a Kh handle on it which might be a little tricky, but if anybody knows a way to get a miyata saddle, please post. I am in USA so I can’t order from UDC UK (it says so on shipping page) so if anyone knows where to get miyata plz say. Thx :slight_smile: